The Lady in Pink

21 August 2015

J.Crew dress, Anthropologie heels, Zara bag

Good morning from Turkey! I’m on the last leg on my journey now. One more week abroad. I can’t believe it’s gone by this quickly. From London, to Spain, to Greece, to the massive city of Istanbul, I’ve been just about everywhere the past few weeks. When you begin to travel for a living, you realize how much you learn during that time period. Traveling alone from a young age taught me so much about myself and my surroundings, and that’s a trait I believe every young adult should have.

On my final night in Greece, my best friend Alexia and our Greek friend Efstathia joined for dinner and dessert.  Efstathia is super into fashion, and approaching me about writing/working for me when I get back to the states, and I couldn’t be more excited to give you guys a glimpse into style abroad. She begins her first year at college in a few months, which means she’ll be experiencing everything university has to offer in Greece. Born and raised in a little town, this girl even designs her own jewelry. Hopefully I’ll have more info on her joining A Life in the Fashion Lane soon!

This J.Crew dress couldn’t have been more suited for my last night. I purchased it on sale before leaving this month, and waited for the right occasion to wear it for the first time. My body type has a tendency to look really bangin’ in dresses with cinched in waistlines, and for the incredible sale price, I wasn’t walking out of the story without this baby. Yes, clothing is my baby. Welcome to working in the fashion industry for 4+ years.


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