Beach Bum

14 August 2015

Wearing all J.Crew

This post was scheduled to go up yesterday, but my airport wifi luck hasn’t been too promising. Surprisingly, Athens, Greece had the best airport wifi I’ve come across on my international travels so far! I’ve officially arrived in Greece, which is pretty exciting. This is the journey of my trip I was looking forward to most, so I’m planning on being a total beach bum for the next few days. Nothing but yummy drinks on the beach, late night nachos, and tons of swimming.

That’s pretty much all I did in Spain, too. My friends and I spent one full day at the beach, and ended up paddle boarding for free food (you always have to work for those nachos). I wasn’t too eager about swimming since I was wearing my new J.Crew dress, though you only live once..Once you get sand all over your new clothing, you know it can withstand the test of time.

I’m already missing Praktik Hotels, too. If you’ve been following my trip on Instagram, you’ve seen some of my unreal hotel rooms in Barcelona and Madrid. Set up in a hostel style setting, Praktik is the way to go if you’re heading abroad. Expect to meet tons of cool young adults, eat tasty food, and immerse yourself in the local culture!


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