9 July 2015

Vintage skirt, Urban Outfitters top, Target sandals

Moving out of NYC for the summer was the best decision I’ve made in a while. As much as I live for the constant, fast-paced lifestyle, taking a few steps back and relaxing (that means working in the country) for the summer was a happy decision. I’ve been spending my days going on 5 mile walks, past rows of growing corn and threw beautiful sunsets at night, and planning the next few months and beginning steps of my app from the comfort of my bedroom.

There’s a little tea shop up in Pomfret, CT that my mom and I seem to never get sick of. Even though it’s not an easy destination close to me, the 45 minute drive is worth it. For the view, the gluten-free scones, and the clotted cream, imported from Europe. Since my mom is from London, I’ve grown up with more Kinder in my life than Hershey. That’s definitely not something I’m upset about.

When it came to deciding what to wear with this vibrant skirt, I felt like I was at a dead end. Trying to match this skirt with anything in my closet feels just as tough as trying to dress for New York Fashion Week in a 5 minute time crunch feels. Another good life decision Alexa has made lately? Hitting up the Urban Outfitters sale rack before trotting around the store window shopping. A white cropped top will never disappoint.


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