Aqua EDM/ Forty One North

6 July 2015

My outfit is from PacSun and I’m wearing Levi’s shorts

Happy end of 4th of July weekend! I just finished up an incredible weekend in Newport, RI with my friend Kailey. How’d we end up in Newport? For Aqua EDM, the first EDM festival to come to Newport. The entire festival was staged on the water, and began with some fantastic performances, and ended with stunning fireworks over the harbor. In a crazy, last minute rush, I went to Providence Mall to get an outfit less than 3 hours before the festival. After searching for over an hour, I sprinted to PacSun and asked the staff to give me whatever outfits they had (suitable for lots of sweaty, dancing teens). I ended up in an American bathing suit, and high-wasited ripped Levi’s. This outfit will go down as one of my favorite holiday outfits.

On Saturday, Kailey and I were invited to Forty 1 North to experience their brunch and morning yoga. After a late night at a music festival, brunch on the water was almost necessary. One of the reasons I adore Newport is because it’s basically East Hampton, on a larger scale. Boys in salmon colored shorts and Sperry’s, girls in Lily Pulitzer and Tory Burch clutches…that’s one part of my job I think is even cooler: being around so many different people at every time. We indulged in fresh orange juice, yogurt parfaits, and smoked salmon bagels, while the sailboats sailed off into the morning sun.

I adored Forty 1 North. The food was phenomenal. I ended up with the smoked salmon bagel and incredibly fresh orange juice, which is always ideal. The yogurt parfait was nothing short of fantastic, and the yogurt was creamy and fresh. My friend opted for an omelette, which was delicious especially with the creamy goat cheese. One of the reasons I love this restaurant is because the staff aren’t all up in your business: they’re relaxed and don’t annoy you with 1 million questions! It’s the worst when you’re at a restaurant and the staff are all over your table when you’re just trying to enjoy your food. Forty 1 North was the opposite, and the staff along with the generous portions and healthy food are one of the many reasons I’ll be back to this property very soon.


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