The Girls Weekend

13 July 2015

My past few weekends have been memorable. Most of them make me satisfied due to the quiet country, and the most excitement I see is late night Walmart 1 AM trips with my best friends, but this weekend I decided to change it up and head to the city to see some of my girls friends in town. I wasn’t feeling too hot last week, what I thought was allergies turned to be a summer cold, gross. Being stuck in bed in the middle of summer sucks!  I had been in talks with a few different NYC hotels about collaborating with them of the past months, and The Refinery Hotel had last minute availability. Goodbye cold (as much as I can pretend you aren’t there) and hello to a girls weekend in the city!

After booking my bus ticket with Megabus, I arrived early noon on Friday to the Refinery, and was directed to my beautiful suite with the whitest, fluffiest hotel beds. I’m pretty obsessed with fluffy hotel beds. Who isn’t? They make me so happy. Anyway, I took a nap (I couldn’t resist that bed!) and waited until my friends arrived. A ticket arrived in my inbox at 3 PM on Friday to attend a rooftop listening party, hosted by Rolling Stone and Island Records, with 17 year old artist James TW, so we threw on a few cute dresses and headed there first. Friday was pretty hot, which had us sweating on a rooftop even closer to the sun in the middle of Manhattan, but you can’t complain when a rooftop is involved. I’m wearing a French Connection dress from Charlotte’s Closet, their newest line! Renting FC dresses for cheap also makes me very, very happy.

After the party, we cabbed back to The Refinery Hotel and got ready for dinner on their insane rooftop. They surprised me with Magnolia Bakery cupcakes with my face on them, and an adorable card. It’s quite odd how successful I felt seeing a cupcake with my face on it. Note to future boyfriend: face cupcakes are a boss Valentine’s Day idea.

The rooftop was absolutely packed, especially for a hotel in the middle of the Garment District, which isn’t usually an area I tend to visit. Serena, Dom and I scarfed down french fries, calamari, a panini, meatballs, and a whole lot of guacamole on that rooftop.

Everything is worth the wait, and the price, at the Refinery Hotel.


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