Strut Through

24 June 2015

Bucketfeet sneakers, Kohl’s outfit, Photography by Cassell 

I’ve got pineapples on my sneakers. I’m a happy girl. On an incredibly over-hot day, Cassell and I headed to the High Line in Chelsea to shoot a few new outfit posts. I love shooting with male photographers because they have such a different perspective from women photographers. Even though every photographer obviously has their own vision and motto when shooting, I find noticeable differences between male + female photographers. It’s pretty rad. 

I found out yesterday that I’m officially heading to Spain, Greece and Istanbul with British Airways this summer, and I’m feeling pretty good about that. There’s nothing more appealing to me than sitting on a little street cafe with a plate of hummus + pita, indulging myself in the Mediterranean culture. This summer is going to be a phenomenal one.


Miss Fashionista


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