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5 May 2015

Me on top of the world after the strongest (aka, hell) of my life, hiking Runyon Canyon. But, I put my mind to it, and I succeeded! 

Have you ever faced a situation where you feel as if you desperately need a change? Maybe you lost a loved one, broke up with your GF/BF, or you had a reallllllyyy bad haircut that totally freaked you out. 

New York City can do a lot of things to people. My experiences have been mostly positive, besides the occasional creep on the subway, and living alone at my age has taught me more than any day in college would probably teach me. Remind me why they don’t teach teens how to do their taxes senior year of high school? Man, that would’ve helped me this year. 

After having a slightly difficult weekend, my body decided to react and give me some type of deathly spring cold, and I decided to go home for the week. I never used to understand how necessary the comment “take a few steps back and come back stronger” meant, and now I understand. Spending a week not having to do my own laundry or wash my own dishes is almost a miracle. Waking up and blogging to pure calm and quiet is the only situation to help the state of my mind at the moment. 

Since I’m feeling this way and occasionally do, I know many other teenagers out there are probably suffering through high school/college and wondering when they’re ever going to get a break. I wonder the same thing everyday, but it’s about my career instead of school. Thinking about the next few months, and what’s about to happen with my life, has gotten me through one of the toughest weekends in a really long time. My advice? Focus on the future. Stay occupied. Try to avoid sickness that entails you to become best friends with your couch. Surround yourself with your closest friends. Go shopping (and buy something like these rad earrings, or a new backpack), maybe even change your hair color. Even though I’ve got lots of friends in my new home, sometimes I need my friends who are my age, and facing the same struggles I am. 

You’ll get through anything. As they say, life throughs hard times at you to show you how truly strong you are. Never forget that. 


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