A Night to Remember

31 May 2015

When I dropped out of high school, I knew there were milestones I’d miss. Walking down the stage at graduation with all my friends, throwing my cap into the air, homecoming, yet there was always one event I knew I wouldn’t miss regardless of where I was in the world: prom. And, I’m proud to say (after lugging a massive prom dress, and two suitcases on the subway) that I caught a 7 AM train on Friday to get home to CT by the time prom was starting.

Of course, I couldn’t just have any prom dress. I took my best friend, Ryley, to NYC with me a few weekends ago to pick out prom dresses from Charlotte’s Closet. We spent an entire afternoon trying on a world of dresses, and I decided on this ball gown two-piece, while she decided on a simple yet elegant cutout dress. I couldn’t have been happier to be with my two best friends, as well as surrounded by my friends from high school the entire night. 

When it came to my other best friend, Gabe, I worked with Mens Wearhouse to get him a suit. We  spent about 3 hours at the store by my house in CT, picking out the best pocket square, pair of shoes, pants, and jacket to complete his look. I’m actually having a blast venturing off into menswear, between The Daily Brew and working with MW for prom, it’s interesting to see how guys like to style themselves. Surprisingly enough, dressing guys may just be as difficult as dressing girls…

P.S. Next up, Houston! Catch me discussing music festival style this Friday! 


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