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25 May 2015

Urban Outfitters dress, Carolee + Golden Thread jewelry, Lulu’s shoes

I can’t believe I’m only in Miami another 2 days. The time has gone by so quickly. Between burning like a lobster at the beach, and then burning again after forgetting to reapply sunscreen after swimming by the pool, my trip has been incredible (minus the constant skin burning).

A few nights ago, my friend Amy and I decided to go out for a night on the town. If you know Miami, you know that you can never dress up “too” much. Girls are willing to expose as much skin around here as necessary to get the guys, if ya know what I mean. I picked up this sexy and bright dress at UO a few days prior to leaving, and for the sale price of under $20, I couldn’t resist. The minute I slipped it on my body, I had to leave the store with it. There’s no color better than bright pink for summer, and the scallop layout is revealing yet suitable for just about any body shape. If you haven’t tried a scallop outfit yet, it’s time you do. Even scallop shorts with a light sweater can be your new perfect summer look! Throw on a pair of nude heels, and you’re good to go.


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