Miami, Miami!

23 May 2015

I’m hereeeee! I arrived early Thursday morning to Miami, and haven’t felt so refreshed in a while. Immediately after stepping off of the plane and getting into my private car from Miami Lux Limo. The car was huge enough for my ridiculous amount of luggage, and going from 90 degree weather to an air conditioned car was necessary after an early flight.

Upon arriving, I met up with my friend and we went straight to lunch. I took a few pictures with my new Walmart suitcase (perfectly sized for a weekend away) and the adventure began. How do people who live everyday in excessively hot weather deal with dressing and hair? I’ve kept my hat on most of the time due to my hair either frizzing the moment I wake up, or just becoming sweaty and gross throughout the day. If you have any tips, pleaseeeeeee leave them below.

I walked along the beach in my favorite Gap maxi dress, and inhaled about a pound of guac and corn chips before ending the night on a sweet note with 2 scoops of Haagen Daaz for $9.50. Oh Miami, do I love you.


Miss Fashionista 


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