YES! Entrepreneur Summit

1 May 2015

I’m wearing Sole Society boots, House of Harlow 1960 necklace, Lulu’s dress, and an H&M denim top

Yesterday may or may not have been one of the most eye-opening days of my life. A few months ago, the University of Delaware approached me to speak at their young entrepreneur summit, which I gladly accepted. This was my first conference actually speaking, so it was quite nerve-wracking. Similar to appearing on TV, yet this time I’m approaching kids my own age (and high school kids- what if they hate me!?)

The day couldn’t have gone better. I spoke with another teen girl with a jewelry company to about 45 students, both boys and girls, on what growing up in Mansfield, CT was like, and what my life is like now that I run a full-time business. My best friend, Megan, of Yellowberry Bras, and Patrick Finnegan (crazy smart tech kid) were speakers too, so we got to hang out after each others panels and speak with lots of other teens that had questions about opening a business at a young age. Being surrounded by such a genre of empowering young adults made me remember why I wake up every single day, continuing to blog, go on TV, and attempt to spread my message.   Yesterday, everything began to make sense, and I realized that regardless of your age, you have the power to change the world.

P.S. I’m taking over the Zotos Professional Instagram page today: follow along here


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3 thoughts on “YES! Entrepreneur Summit”

    That is so amazing! It is great to know that there are such a large amount of driven teens out there wanting to become entrepreneurs.

    Being able to talk to you and Megan was one of the most amazing experiances. I felt like someone actually understood the struggles of balancing school and a business. You guys inspired me so much. And have given me so much clarity as to ehat I want to do with me life. So thank you.