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23 April 2015

My style has evolved significantly over the past few years. Since beginning my blog, I’ve gone from Uggs and purple Forever 21 skirts to dark J Brand denim (a key investment piece is a pair of worthy denim) paired with a crisp collared shirt and a black blazer. I rarely pay for clothing anymore (one of them blogger perks) but if I’m browsing a store and happen to come across a pair of quality jeans or a sturdy blazer, I won’t skip out on dropping a few extra dollars. 

My menswear contributor, Elliot, just wrote a post here on what he wears to the office, and I figured I’d continue the office discussion by giving you a glimpse into what I wear. I don’t work in an office, so most of my work includes running around Manhattan like a crazy person, sweating during summer and shivering mid-winter. If my day is casual, say coffee with a few friends, or a quick lunch meeting, you can usually catch me in a pair of low heels and comfortable jeans. Just because denim isn’t the most professional attire, doesn’t mean you should exclude wearing your ideal jeans to a meeting. 

If I’m planning a day on set, or a day pulling clothes for an upcoming shoot, I may “upgrade” my look a bit. Just like buying an upgrade for a flight, an important meeting can go from 0-100 simply by throwing in a bold gold watch, or a statement heel.  For my Rachael Ray shoot, I wore this Chip Foster denim jumpsuit around the city, with my insanely comfy leather sneakers and fun polka dot socks. Though it’s preppy and somewhat professional, a jumpsuit with sneakers is totally teen appropriate. 

I’m off to LA- keep up with me on Instagram to see what’s happing!


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One thought on “Editor In-Training”

    I love these looks Alexa. You are certainly right with how easy it is to spruce up a look with a simple accessory. I hope you are enjoying LA!