On Set with Rachael Ray!

21 April 2015

Post-shoot, I always treat myself to something really yummy, like a gluten-free truffle grilled cheese, and raw vegan banana cream pie!

I just woke up: 10 AM on a Tuesday. That’s a first for me. Though I do have a valuable excuse, which is an exhausting past few days, trying to plan an entire Rachael Ray segment in less than 3 days. On that note: the entire segment was a blast! Though I can’t show you too many pictures because that would give off the segment (I have to leave a litttlleeeee to surprise you…) I do have images above of what you can catch me wearing on set. Karen Kane, Naturalizer, and House of Harlow were kind enough to send me lots of options to wear on set, including this flowery tight dress. The segment airs in September, so Rachael and I definitely got down to talking about whether to wear white after labor day (totally cool-be different), and how parents can attempt to get their teen out of their shell a little bit more. Start with introducing new colors and prints in small doses, and eventually, your teen will have a confidence level through the roof. 

P.S. Can’t waitttttt for you to see this amazing segment!


Miss Fashionista  


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