Mix N’ Match

2 April 2015

Target pants/sandals, Ann Taylor bag, Sanctuary sweater, Express pink top

Jacksonville wasn’t exactly the sunniest place in Florida during my time there last week. More low 60s than high 80s, that’s for sure. On a particularly warm day, my mom and I ventured to the Cummer Museum a short walk away from our bungalow for brunch and an art-filled day. If you know me, you know I despise museums. That’s a strong word to describe my semi-hatred for museums, but comes close to what I think about them. They totally bore me (to be completely honest) and I rarely go to them, unless it’s the Met. Don’t ask me if I’m going to the Met solely due to Blair and Serena. Just don’t ask.

To my surprise, I was shocked at how much Cummer surprised me. The art was chic and crafty, not boring and all sculptures. Outside the museum was this stunning garden, filled with mini ponds and perfectly trimmed trees. You might not be able to convince me to go to the MoMa unless I’m in the mood, but if you’re inviting me back to Jacksonville’s museum, I’m in.


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