Black Is Back

16 April 2015

Marisa Kenson outfit, Adidas Originals sneakers, Lesportsac bag

I’m not quite sure why black gets such a negative rep in this industry. I understand a black cat on your doorstep may not exactly be an ideal morning wake-up, but I’m not opposed to throwing a lot of the color black in my wardrobe lately. 

When I was in London, everyone was wearing black like it was their day job. For a dreary city, I can see why people aren’t wearing neon green the same way they are wearing a basic black sweater. If you’re ever feeling like you’ve got too much black in your closet, think again. That being said, don’t hide yourself from bright colors like neon green and pink, just don’t hinder yourself to a specific color combination because it’s “safe.” 

Fashion is all about playing the game.

P.S. Really excited to announce I’ll be on the Rachael Ray show on Monday. Stay tuned!


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