Charlotte’s Closet Takeover

25 March 2015

Charlotte’s Closet dress, Sandro sweater, Chanel bag, Guess heels, Louis Vuitton scarf

I’m live-typing from a Starbucks while waiting for my bus to head to the airport to catch a flight to Florida in a few hours! Warm weather, here I comeee! This bipolar, sometimes spring and sometimes winter East Coast weather is going to murder me if I stay here any longer. I’m taking over the Charlotte’s Closet Instagram page today (follow here!) so I had an impromptu photo shoot by my apartment yesterday afternoon to grab some snaps in another dress from this rad site. I haven’t been to prom yet, though it’s something I said I’d never pass up regardless of where I am in the globe, so I’m going to prom with my best friend in a few months. We’re obviously both going to be borrowing dresses since why spend $600 unnecessary bucks on a dress you’ll wear once!? 

Follow along with my takeover today, and tune into Channel 11 in Jacksonville, FL tomorrow morning to catch me discussing little black dresses!


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