East Hampton Shine

4 February 2015

After moving to New York, I realize how important it is to get away. And get away frequently. The  city is overwhelming with non-stop motion, and as exciting as that is, you begin to get those moments where you want peace and quiet. 

On Saturday, my friend Serena came to visit from upstate, and I decided to whisk us away to the Hamptons for some R&R. We stayed with Baker House 1650, which is known as one of the most popular inns in East Hampton. My last time in the Hamptons was in the summer, which was fantastic because East Hampton is on the water, but it was also very crowded for a small town. Winter in East Hampton is the polar opposite. It’s quiet (eerily quiet), freezing, and serene. Looking outside a big glass window in the morning to a fresh blanket of snow defines the exact peaceful getaway I needed.

To get out to the Hamptons, we took the Jitney. I’m frequently taking crappy bus services back and forth from CT to NYC, so I was not expecting to have a 2.5 hour bus ride of luxury. Cheaper than the train yet (likely) the most elite form of travel from the Hamptons to New York, book yourself a trip on the Jitney asap. 


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