Cobble Streets of London

25 February 2015

Madewell scarf/jacket/heels, Almost Famous shirt/vest/pants, Carolee necklace

Much of London style is learning to layer. That means (assuming most of you are girls) is a bra, a tank top, a top, a top on top of that top, a sweater, a jacket, and one (or 10) scarves. On this particular day, I threw on a bunch of new clothing from Madewell and Almost Famous. I ended up splurging on a pair of shoes and this jacket at Madewell in Connecticut last week, since dragging a 20 lb. Canada Goose jacket across the globe was not too intriguing to me. Not frequently will you catch me spending $100+ each on shoes and a jacket, though in this situation, I knew I’d be wearing both almost everyday. I was absolutely right. This jacket has become a staple, as it’s not too heavy for running around all day, and these heeled booties match with just about everything in my wardrobe. Never be afraid to invest in staple pieces, as long as you know you’ll wear them frequently!

In between shows, I managed to stop in to Blo Blow Dry Bar in Covent Garden for a quick blowout between shows. You probably remember me featuring Blo in the U.S. (specifically when I appeared on Rachael Ray) so being able to try Blo in the UK was exciting. My stylist was actually from Canada, so we bonded over a mutual adoration for creative fields, and she blew my hair out to absolute perfection. If you’ve got an extra 45 minutes in your day, or an event/evening out planned, stop by Blo in Covent Garden. You won’t regret this luxury outing!


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