Hemyca at #LFW

22 February 2015

That past two days have been absolute madness. Yesterday, I stopped by the ME London hotel to preview the Hemyca collection at LFW. What I’ve noticed with London collections is how black everything seems to be. That sounds utterly depressing. Don’t mistake me, the clothing is chic and articulate, but the color schemes are somewhat dreary. I assume that’s due to the bipolar weather (sun one minute, hailing rain the next) though I wouldn’t be opposed to a little more color.

After seeing a few more collections throughout the day, I headed to the Gallery Mess at the Saatchi Gallery  for afternoon tea. You’re never going to get me to say no to an afternoon filled with clotted cream, jam, and scones. Maybe that’s because London is in my blood (my mom is from the UK!) or maybe I’m just a freak when it comes to my obsession with clotted cream. Probably both…

After doing the whole fashion week thing for 6 seasons now, you begin to realize everything is about how you look and present yourself. How many shows have I snuck into? Don’t ask. Do I frequently lie to security guards about having backstage access? 

You can answer that question yourself.

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