Talking Prints with Byron Lars

16 February 2015

Finding new designers is one of my ultimate life goals. Finding new designers that inspire me extensively? The life goal. I was at a fitting for Almost Famous a few days ago, when someone in the office wanted to take me a few blocks away to a different showroom, to introduce me to a design whom I was not familiar with. I couldn’t say no.

We arrived at a huge penthouse in Midtown, and went through this huge building to a tiny atelier in the basement. I was a little confused: for a designer who has dressed everyone from Elle Fanning to Michelle Obama, wouldn’t his office be a little more, I don’t know, chic? Never judge a book by it’s cover, my friends.

Byron Lars started designing at a young age. I don’t frequently meet many designers or people in fashion (for that matter) with a vision similar to mine: make people feel incredible in what they wear. Byron shares this vision. He’s also a genuinely rad and sweet person. 

After a box of Godiva chocolates and a piece of sweet potato pie (I love modeling) Byron and a woman named Sheila (who also has her own line) gave me one look, and threw this dress at me. They had one pair of size 9 heels left I tried the dress on with, and at that point, everyone knew this was the dress I’d be walking out with. I didn’t even have to try anything else on (as much as I wanted to spend hours frolicking through every single piece).

As I get older, I find myself attracted more to heels and Herve Leger inspired dresses than lots of glitter and poof. Or maybe it just took a stop into Byron Lar’s office for me to realize that.


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