New York Fashion Week, Day One

13 February 2015

Almost Famous sweater/pants, Aeropostale sneakers, Oscar and Anna bag, Reason Clothing hat, Aeropostale necklace

 New York Fashion Week has officially begun. I started with the Creatures of the Wind and Honor show to kickoff my sixth season (woohoo!) and adored everything from Creatures, while I left wanting more from Honor. When you get past your fourth season of fashion week, you realize that the battle becomes more about being comfortable than looking chic enough for street style photographers. Goodbye heels, hello wedge sneakers. This tactic applies to real life too, regardless of whether it’s the most elite show in the world, or simply a day at school.

I preach this frequently, but wear what you love. Wear what makes YOU feel sexy. I guarantee you that you will not succeed to your greatest degree unless you’re following the exact path that you want to follow.

Do what you love.  


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