Denver, Round 1

7 December 2015

Threads 4 Thought pants + scarf, Aeropostale top, J.Crew vest, Primark boots, Juicy Couture bag

I started traveling alone when I was 16. People used to ask me how I got my parents to let me travel alone at such a young (and fragile) age, but everyone around me, myself included, knew I was different. My parents got to a point where they had attempted to tell me “no” so many times that I rebelled in an attempt to just upset them, so they started saying yes in the hopes that my rebellious side would vanish.

Sadly for them, it didn’t. The more my career began to take off, the more traveling was necessary for me to succeed. Both of my parents work full-time, so they couldn’t chaperone me on every trip I wanted to take. Plus, why would I want my parents in business meetings with me?

The moral of the story is, traveling has made me the person I am. Learning to navigate a city, make new friends, adjust to time changes, lose your luggage…all in a foreign place is a terrifying thing, but doing it with absolutely no one to help you makes you grow up. As much as traveling with my friends is amazing and fun, I got to learn all of my necessary skills when I was younger. I’m grateful for that. No, traveling won’t teach me how to multiple X by Y, or how to add, multiple, and divide at once, though it will teach me how to handle my money, how to approach new situations, and how to adjust to basically anything. In my opinion, the latter is much more important.

People who say they never want to leave their state, or haven’t ever left the country: push yourself to be a little nervous. It’ll be worth it. Join a church group or a non-profit that travels to international countries and gives back, or grab a group of your girlfriends and road trip to NYC for the weekend. The gas will cost you less than $40! Sleep in Central Park (or a hostel). Eat $1 pizza for three days straight.

Life is too short to not follow your dreams, or do what you love. Just get up, and make the decision to do whatever you want. Don’t think twice: just do.


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