Trap Queen

30 December 2015

North Face boots, Osklen velvet pants, Oscar and Anna bag, Zara top

I’m Montreal bound for New Year’s Eve, woo! Time has flown by over the past few months. I feel like it was just my birthday and I was buying these tickets, and now it’s already time to leave.

After arriving to Manhattan yesterday with my best friends, I checked into the Hotel Elysse and relaxed for a bit before heading to Harding’s for dinner. Stay tuned for reviews on both of those places coming up in the new year!

After finishing dinner, I left my friends for a few hours to head to Queens to meet up with my girl Elizabeth, who owns Elizabeth Garcia Nails. I met her a few months ago at the Surrey Hotel Spa, where she gave me a manicure, and I came to learn she’s a crazy talented nail artist who freelances with major celebs and for huge Fashion Week events. We got to talking, and ended up deciding to collaborate on this post with Gelish Mini, which is a branch of the popular gel polish line, Gelish. I used the product a few months ago in St. Louis on a different nail art story, but I was most excited to collaborate with Elizabeth in NYC and get some rad nail art on my nails.

One of my friends, Ava, works with a different NYC based nail artist and creates the most unreal nail art. Some of the projects must take them hours to complete! After scrolling through her Instagram page and trying to find a cool design to copy, I came across the picture above of “TRAP QUEEN” spelled out on her nails. I’m a huge Fetty Wap/ rap fan, and I think trap queen was one of the top songs of 2015, so with the year coming to an end, why not use Gelish Mini for this project? For our own spin on Ava’s look, we put an exclamation point and a crown on my thumbs in a bubble gum pink color. I love how it’s graphic and bold, yet I can wear it with any outfit for an instant upgrade.

How do you think the nails came out? Let me know below!


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