Last-Minute Holiday Gifts

24 December 2015

The most beautiful skirt I own is by H&M, Primark heels, Banana Republic top, Dara Senders jewelry, hair and makeup by Hailey at Salon M2

2015: you’ve been fun. Flying around the globe, following my dreams, has been a really crazy experience, to put it simply. The preparation and stress that goes into planning a photo shoot is unreal. This journey has become my life: I sleep, eat, and dream of my career, and nothing is allowed to stand in the way. When a shoot doesn’t turn out how you wanted it to, or if someone isn’t happy with your work, you simply have to move on and focus on the positive. There’s too much positivity in this world to allow the negative to ruin your dreams.

I taped another segment after the menswear one on last-minute holiday gift ideas, for those of you who are similar to me and still haven’t gone Christmas shopping. If you really want to make fun of me, I thought Christmas was on the 29th, and made sure all of my gifts were going to be delivered on the 29th…oops.

These gifts will impress your loved one, even if they show up a few days after the holiday!

Superbowl 50 Book: I featured this book in my DC gift guide too, and I couldn’t get over how much people loved this book. Producers on both shoots went crazy over it, and wanted to bring it home! For under $50, you can have a keepsake book that has over 650 pictures of the Super Bowl over the past years. Your lucky man will fall in love with you all over again.

Auburn Jewelry: Designer Samantha Levine is the head of Auburn Jewelry, which custom makes cufflinks depending on what you want on them. Whether you’re looking for your initials, face, or business name on a cufflink, she’s your girl. I love how chic and trendy they are, plus, they’re an original and eclectic gift. They’re high quality, and you’ll have these in your wardrobe for years.

Biotera Hair: How much are you spending on hair products nowadays? I bet quite a lot. We’ve all fallen for our stylist convincing us to buy the most expensive products in the salon, and truly, most of them are not worth the hefty price tag. Biotera, sold at Sally Beauty Supply, is a line under $10. Start 2016 on a new kick with more money in your pocket to buy lattes with!

Coolway Hair: How many of you have burnt your hair when using your flat iron? I bet a bunch of you have. When I was in middle school, I used to flat iron my hair everyday before school, and I remember the kids used to make comments about how funky my hair smelt. That’s because my hair smelt like burnt wood!

Here comes Coolway: the low heat flat iron that uses a sensor to determine if your hair is ready to be ironed with. It’s a fantastic holiday gift for the girl in your life. When you jump out of the shower, spritz some product on, and begin to iron your hair from a low temperature that won’t burn it.

Nourish + DetoxWellness expert Nicole Granato has created a totally natural detox supplement line that’s a crafty gift for the holiday season. Nourish + Detox are filled with ingredients like dandelion root, which will keep your skin and hair beautiful and healthy for the new year. Take 4 capsules a day, along with a healthy lifestyle, and continue to live a sexy and fulfilling life!

Caseta Wireless: The Caseta Wireless Bridge Starter Kit is one of my favorite items I spoke about. Basically, you can adjust the lighting in your house by simply sitting on bed. Install the feature in your house and on your iPhone, and prepare to spend movie night in bed with perfect lighting: you’ll never have to get up and adjust anything again!

Crispy GreenFor a quick and cheap last minute stocking stuffer, Crispy Green is sold at Lowe’s, Harris-Teeter, and Shaw’s now, as well as online. They’re a gluten-free, vegan, under 50 calorie dried snack fruit brand that

Now- go out and buy these before it’s too late! See the segment here


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