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14 December 2015

BCBGeneration via Charlotte’s Closet dress, Primark heels, Dara Senders jewelry

Hair and Makeup by Tamar C, a crazy beautiful and kind licensed artist in the DC area. If you’re in need of wedding, event, work, date, etc, Tamar is your gal. I will be coming back to DC for her expertise every time I have work in this area.

I just wrapped up a super fun shoot with Fox 5 DC, yay! I’ve been on a decent amount of Fox segments across the country, but this set and team is probably my favorite so far.

Since the holidays are right around the corner, I’ve been discussing holiday gift guides for my past few shows. I’m obsessed (to say the least) with finding rad new items to show you guys and inspire you to buy for your friends and family. Since I’m a teen, almost everything I feature on my blog, and wear myself, is under $100. On a college budget, who has the money to spend on overpriced gifts and high heels? Not me!

A few of the products you need this holiday season, for under $100: 

Sabon: The luxury bath and body store, perfect for those with sensitive skin. With 12 NYC stores and a major online presence, Sabon has something for everyone. From your boyfriend to parents, pick a sentimental item from Sabon this holiday and expect your loved one to fall head over heels in love with whatever you gift them. I’m a huge fan of the Gentlemen’s Box, and their cute ornament stocking stuffer is a must on the Christmas tree!

Birddogs:  No, I’m not a guy, but it is my duty to figure out what both girls and guys love to wear, since working in fashion enables me to dress men and women! That’s where Birddogs comes along: designed by an ex-Lulemon executive, Birddogs solves an issue that most guys are too lazy to solve, but find themselves dealing with on a daily basis: underwear. With a built-in liner and comfortable lining/ fabric, a pair of shorts from this brand will save you from changing after the gym or swimming, and you won’t feel afraid to wear them out to dinner afterwards.

Superbowl 50 Book: I’m pretty lucky because most of my girl and guy friends aren’t huge sports fanatics, so I’ve never had to endure an entire Sunday devoted to a sports game (just yet) but I know many girls who do it for their guys, or because they love the game. My dad is a huge fan of sports, and frequently spends his Sunday switching the TV from game to game. I wasn’t sure what to get him for Christmas, so I did a bit of research, and decided to invest in a book he’d be sure to keep forever. With over 650 pictures of Superbowl games, in fantastic and clear quality, this book is a steal for under $50. Buy it for your dad, boyfriend, or grandfather, and get prepared to be showered with gifts in return because they’ll be so happy with theirs!

NutrafolHair thinning/ loss isn’t something I’ve had to deal with at my young age yet, but many older people that I know have complained about hair loss as they grew older. That’s why I decided to solve the problem, and feature a product that will make the (older) loved one in your life feel as beautiful and confident as they felt when they were younger. Filled with tons of vitamins and minerals, Nutrafol is an effective and beneficial product to keep on hand.

Boot Rescue: What’s something every lady deals with in the winter? Boots ruined by the snow and sleet. Instead of putting up with boots that are ruined, or attempting to buy a new pair, purchase Boot Rescue. For $10, Boot Rescue is the product of the winter. You’ll escape trying to repair those Uggs or suede boots by simply using the product every time you walk out of the house. Saving money is as simple as that, am I right?

10th Avenue Tea: Notice the warm weather outside on the East Coast lately? We can thank global warming for that. A brand I adore that’s saving the planet and saving your body is 10th Avenue Tea. A totally reusable and recyclable brand of tea, 10th Avenue has gained major traction in the industry for offering healthy, nutritious tea without the plastic waste aftermath. If your mom is a tea lover like mine is, she’ll adore 10th Avenue Tea, and can sprinkle it in her oatmeal, smoothies, coffee, and MORE!

That’s a WRAP! I’m going to go explore DC and eat a croissant now. Have a lovely day!


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