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1 December 2015

I’m quite disappointed to say I didn’t get to explore Small Business Saturday this past weekend. As a blogger, I know all about the ups and downs of running your own business. Deciding to go full-time is a very stressful and scary road to go down, but it’s also the most rewarding if you manage your time and resources effectively. I love going around CT and finding new small businesses, as well as supporting old ones that I’ve grown up going to.

My best friend Gabe has been with me through it all. He’s dealt with my meltdowns in airports over missed flights or stressful TV shoots, when I wasn’t making enough money to support myself, and even something as small as when a boy doesn’t answer my text (I’m still a teen) AND everything in between. He’s the closest person to me in the entire world, and there is no one I respect more.

The reason I’m telling you so much about him is because his mom, Kim, opened up a resale store in Willimantic, CT, the town next to where I grew up. It was a huge risk, especially in a market that’s not exposed to “nicer” brands like Free People or J.Crew, because of its size and location. But, over 2 1/2 years later, she’s the epitome of successful. As a teen that started a business at a young age,  I can relate to the stress and concern about beginning and wondering if all the hard work would pay off, but both Kim and I have success stories that show opening a business is one of the most promising ways to go.

One of her latest additions to Bliss is called the Bliss Box, and it’s basically the Birchbox for everything besides beauty. For $15 a month, the Bliss team curates a box according to your specific personality and likes. Once you fill out a profile, you can expect your monthly box to include jewelry with your name or initial on it, a cute t-shirt or skirt, and a bunch of other exciting products. I no longer have Birchbox because I found (after a few months) that the boxes became repetitive, but with Bliss Box, that’s never something you’ll have to worry about.

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