Prime Time

28 November 2015

Forever 21 skirt, H&M blazer, Primark heels, Ann Taylor bag, Michael Kors watch

Sorry about the delay in posting- it feels like it’s been forever! I’ve had a really relaxing week at home, filled with amazing food, family and friends. I never take time off of work, so spending the week at home and writing no emails (okay, just one) on Thanksgiving was a big step towards being *normal* for me.

I didn’t plan on doing anything special for the holiday since I decided to host a Friendsgiving on Friday, but I ended up getting dressed up for lunch with my parents + grandparents on Thursday. After a shopping haul with my friend Megan who was visiting from Palm Beach last week, I picked up this sexy skirt from Forever 21 for $9. And, then the heels for $7 at Primark. Wow, sales make me so happy! For those who think you have to be wearing designer clothes to look stylish, you’re wrong. On a college budget, you’re probably not looking to drop hundreds on shoes and fancy sweatpants, which is why you should feel as fancy and beautiful in clothes from thrift stores as you’d feel in Chanel!

The next few weeks are about to be crazy: Denver, DC, Charlotte, Montreal, and NYC. Have any of you decided what to do for New Year’s Eve yet? I already bought my dress. 😉


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