Accessorizing During the Holidays

13 November 2015

As the holidays draw near, it’s time to head to the back of your closet, pull out and dust off that little black dress. That’s right, instead of buying a new dress for your holiday parties this year, simply give an old outfit new life with some inexpensive but unique accessories. Revamping your wardrobe for the holiday season is easy with some well-selected accent pieces, and with these tips, you’ll be receiving compliments right and left at any holiday event. 

1.     Quality not Quantity

Accessorizing should be about quality, not quantity.  Like shopping for accessories at any time of the year, find statement pieces that will work with a variety of outfits. This will ensure you can use them year-round, and you won’t overdo it and fall into the trap of becoming a hodgepodge of styles. Focus on one accessory that you want to shine, and work the rest of your accessories around it. Give onlookers a place to focus their eyes, and guide their attention to your favorite new necklace or to the bracelet you’ve been saving up for all year.

2.     Avoid Seasonal Accessories

While it can be fun to don some seasonal items like Christmas tree earrings or a red and green scarf, you want to avoid overdoing it. Going overboard with seasonal accessories can make you appear as a living, breathing Christmas tree ornament—not a good look for most holiday events. Be sparing if you decide to partake in seasonal accessories, and only wear them to appropriate occasion—your boyfriend’s black tie holiday party probably isn’t the time to latch on that snowman pin.

3.     Layer it Up

Accessorizing during the cold winter months means utilizing warm scarves and cozy socks to vamp up your look while performing a functional duty. If you’re a fan of tall boots, make sure you accessorize your footwear with some boot cuffs that peek over the top of your shoes. These can add a little extra color to your outfit and make your boots pop even more.

4.     Imitation is the Highest Form of Flattery

The holidays are expensive as it is, so as pretty as those diamonds may be you don’t want to break the bank before all of your necessary Christmas presents are bought. You can still get a little bit of sparkle without emptying your wallet by purchasing some awesome imitation jewelry. No one else will know how little you spent on that beautiful ring or statement necklace, and you’ll love the compliments you get at all of your holiday shindigs. Small doses, ladies.

5.     A Little Sparkle Never Hurt Anyone

If there’s any time of year to don a little sparkle, it’s the winter months filled with Christmas and New Year occasions. Whether you choose a sparkly bag to set off your little black dress, throw on a top that may have served as a disco ball in a former life, or don a headband that has more glitter than your 13th birthday party did, the holiday season is the perfect time to bust out a little glitz and glam. 

6.     Go Metallic

Besides their sparkly counterparts, metals also have their comeuppance during the winter months. Incorporate a metal sheen into your handbag, your heels, and even your nail polish. Metals can serve as a neutral, meaning they will easily complement various styles and colors of dress. Whether you love gold, silver, or bronze, or any combination in between, you can easily find jewelry and makeup to match.

7.     Make Your Shoes Pop

Let’s be honest, most of us tend to wear black during the holiday season, and for good reason—it’s classic, and more importantly, extremely flattering. If you’re looking for a new pair of heels or flats to wear with your holiday dress, make sure you add a pop of color and liven up your outfit in no time at all. Red heels can really spice things up, and gold shoes harkening back to our talk of metallic options will make ringing in the New Year easier than ever.

As we get further into the holiday season, start planning your outfits for the holiday parties and events you’ll be attending. Make it easy by incorporating some new accessories and revamp old dresses or tops you already own for a holiday look your fellow revelers will adore.


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