Balayage N’ Back

11 November 2015

I’ve written about Bei Capelli in the past, when I went to Portland, Maine for a segment with WMTW. I fell in love with the salon. Enough to call it my second home. Nancy + Melissa own the salon, and they’re both bubbles of inspiration. Running a crazy successful business and both of them having their own families is nothing short of impressive. I love meeting women entrepreneurs who aren’t afraid to take on the most impossible task, because those people are the ones that strike out and make a difference in the world.

I took my friend Kathryn up to Portland with me on Monday to change our hair up. My roots were beginning to show through, and usually when that happens my hair becomes a yellow-orange sort of color. It’s quite ugly. On my first trip to Bei Capelli last month, Nancy told me about a new trend called balayage that’s a form of ombre. Unlike regular ombre, balayage lasts longer and doesn’t require frequent maintenance. I figured I’d give it a try in hopes of reducing the maintenance my hair requires while also experimenting with new look.

I couldn’t be more THRILLED with the results. Obviously, since Bei Capelli never fails, I knew my hair would come out amazing, I just wanted sure on what level of amazing it would be. Kathryn also loved her new shiny hair, and we left the salon looking for every place in a 5 mile radius to take tons of pictures!

If you’re heading to Maine soon, and are looking for a day to be treated like a princess,  Bei Capelli is the place for you.


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