23 October 2015

I’m always on the hunt for new brands. Since the industry is changing so much, I’m always looking for brands for everyone too, not just size 0 models. That’s how I came across SLINK jeans, one of the newest and trendiest plus-size denim brands in the industry. As an ex-model myself, I find so many brands in the industry appealing to one body type, and that body type is not realistic for most people. When I find a brand with a mission as strong as SLINK, I have to share it with you guys.

After taking a look at their mission statement, I feel strongly that this is a brand you can expect to be booming within the next year. Women with curves are SEXY, and deserve to be able to wear the same clothing other people wear. Model Ashley Graham successfully debuted the first plus-size line this season at New York Fashion Week, which brought tears to my eyes, after everything I as well as other models have dealt with involving size in the fashion industry. You’re beautiful no matter what the size of your jeans is, and SLINK is doing a fantastic job at preaching that message.

Make sure to check out their website, and buy, buy, buy because the denim + shirts are a fantastic gift for the holidays!


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One thought on “SLINK Denim”

    Sanaa Princess says:

    yo what a great accessories and great outfits jeans are in different style and today’s generation love this trend very much ! amazing ,lovely,beautiful and stylish !