A Quick Getaway

2 October 2015

I’m wearing a Kohl’s top, Primark skirt, jewelry, and flannel.

I returned yesterday afternoon from a quick 24-hour trip to Portland, Maine! I left Wednesday afternoon on my speedy Megabus, and got back with enough time last night to sit in my bed and eat gluten-free pumpkin pie from Bam Bam Bakery. I’m a happy girl.

The reason I went up to Portland was for a shoot with WMTW ABC Maine. The segment was on gluten-free snacks for everyone, and since I’m such a huge contender for leading a healthy lifestyle, I was excited to have my first food-related shoot! I’m not going to disclose much before it’s released in a few weeks, but be ready to throw on a pair of sneakers and head to your local grocery store to stock up on all of my favorite snacks.

Before the shoot, Lilley’s Limo picked me up and brought me to Bei Capelli salon, just outside of Portland. I was lucky enough to have the same driver for the entire day, so amidst the crazy photo shoot prep, I got to leave my clothes and hangers in the car. My driver was on time, super sweet, and had some really great tales to tell about Portland. Since I ended up picking a day when a hurricane was headed my way, she told me exactly where to go (and where not to go) to avoid flooding areas but still have a fun time. Going forward, I’m only going to book a car with Lilley’s when I’m in Portland!

Onto my experience at Bei Capelli: Upon traveling to any new city, I adore getting to have the opportunity to meet new people, as well as try out a new spa, salon, or store. On this particular trip, I came across Bei Capelli salon, and decided to ask them to do my hair + makeup for the ABC shoot. They gladly accepted, and opened their stunning salon a few hours early so I wouldn’t be late for my shoot.

I got to meet one of the owners, Nancy, and spend my morning with her inspirational soul. I’ve been to a whole lot of salons, and Bei Capelli is one I will never forget. From the kindest staff, to beautiful and relaxing hair room, to eclectic decor, it’s a salon you wouldn’t forget, either. My hair + makeup came out absolutely fabulous, and all of the stylists knew exactly what route they wanted to go down, which is much easier than making me decide beauty decisions on my own! I could’ve spent the entire day at Bei Capelli, drinking fresh cucumber water, and picking out tons of new beauty products to bring home with me. This isn’t just a salon: it’s like a second home.

The shoot with WMTW will be released in a few weeks: stay tuned!

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