Summer with Aero

23 January 2015

If you ask me one company that’s got a kick ass marketing game, it’s Aeropostale. I began working with them about a year ago now, and have watched their company totally evolve, due to a genius marketing plan. Aeropostale knows exactly how to get young consumers interested in their product, and that’s by 1) the prices and 2) the models. Ever heard of Nash Grier, Cameron Dallas, and Bethany Mota? Apparently, 5,000 girls show up to an event Aeropostale hosts with Bethany Mota, making it a “duh, let’s give her a collection” moment.

The press preview was held yesterday at the Herald Square showroom, and we sipped on yummy mango drinks, and had tastes of tiny fish tacos and fresh sushi. I have never wanted summer to come as badly as I did when I stepped into the S/S preview!

Aeropostale’s new line is nothing short of adorable. It’s fine, yet fresh, and colorful. I sent pictures to my boyfriend several times of tank tops I wanted to buy for him from Aeropostale, and we both giggled at how neither of us ever expected to be saying we actually wanted to wear something from this brand. Also, can I have that pineapple top, please?


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