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24 December 2014

Halfway into digging through a very delicious chocolate cake from Sonsie last week in Boston, I got an email requesting me for a modeling gig 4 days from then. I was torn between finishing my chocolate cake, and also between accepting or declining the offer. Long story short, I put my phone away, finished my chocolate cake, and proceeded to act like I hadn’t eaten a really indulgent piece of cake when looking back at my email in my hotel room afterwards. That definitely worked.

So on Sunday, I took the bus to NYC for a short 24 hour stay to shoot for Pix11 Monday morning. I got up around 6, headed for a coffee + donut snack (geez, I’m a bad model) before heading to the studio up by Grand Central. What attracted me to this shoot? The fact that the segment was on hiding holiday bulge. Aka me. Aka also probably you. Aka also probably 3/4 of America that likes to eat food during the holidays. And not gluten-free, vegan, paleo, low-carb, tasteless food, I mean actual food. But shout-out to the people that can stick with all those boring food groups above. You inspire me. 

Now feed me some butter cake.

Anyway, I got to rock the sickest pair of stretchy denim, silver heels, and a pick poodle sweater. The stylist originally put me in a blazer, though my bra didn’t work, so we switched looks. I also kind of felt like pound cake in the decided look. That’s ok, who doesn’t want to look like a fluffy piece of cake?

I really like being on set. There’s a certain feeling you get the minute before the lights go up that astonishes you. In between the massive stomach fluttering you have (will I fall in these heels?) you feel confident, and somewhat beautiful. As most of you know, I was never a girl, and still rarely am, that ever felt beautiful like other people would describe themselves as, so sometimes getting glam, even for a few hours, is necessary. 

I seriously dig how relaxed this shoot was. No agents, no crazy producers or screaming models, and definitely no one making comments about anyones appearance. And yes, that means weight. The models were healthy, and natural. I really admire that. 

Now, here is a cupcake I ate after the shoot. Told you I’m a bad model. 

Merry Christmas. I love each and every one of you for supporting me on this journey. I’d give you all some cake if I could, but I can’t, so therefore I’ll just eat cake for you. 


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