Prom Trends to Consider for your Special Night

16 March 2018

Prom is the dazzling, spectacular event that typically takes place during the junior and senior years of high school. It can take days or even months to pick out the perfect outfit for the evening, so it’s beneficial to understand the latest prom trends for 2018. Whether you’re planning on attending the event with your friends or a date, it’s important to take some factors into consideration to make more special.

Matching Outfits

It’ll look 10x better if you match with whomever you arrived with. Having clashing, distracting, or uncoordinated outfits with your friends/date won’t look good. If you color coordinate and plan your outfits together ahead of time, you’ll stand out, draw attention, and look much more fashionable.

Plus, matching outfits is in right now, people match with anything from their pets to their children, so you’ll definitely be fitting one of the latest trends.

Make the Back of your Outfit Stand Out

Directed for those wearing prom dresses, make the back of it as noticeable, or possibly more noticeable than the front. There’s a lot that can be done with the back of someone’s outfit, so why not take advantage of it. Although, try and take into consideration what you’re comfortable with wearing, don’t wear something if it’s too exposing for you. Some of the back dress styles include the keyhole, a lacey look, the droop, a clear/sheer look, a corset, bows or buttons, and slits.

Get Bold, Get Fierce, and Get Unique with your Style

Don’t be afraid to be different and express yourself through your prom outfit. Make sure to wear what makes you comfortable, not what impresses those around you. Stand out by having a creative and colorful hairstyle or facial hair, or maybe by wearing an exotic headpiece. You can also spice up your outfit by wearing a unique design; animal print, exquisite patterns, and a blast of different colors are just a few of the possibilities.

Identify the Tiny Details

For an outfit to be complete, it must have every detail thought of, no matter how small they might be. Hairstyle, hair color, jewelry, shoes, an outfit, and make-up are the main details that need to be considered for the optimum prom outfit, and each one shares an equal importance. You can be innovative with your choices by creating your own outfit and accessories; or you can simply evaluate all aspects to see what would look the best. Even if one feature of an outfit is missing or incompatible with the rest of it then the entire ensemble could be lacking or not meet up to its full potential.

Wear a Two-Piece Dress

A two-piece prom look is a huge trend right now because of how versatile the outfit can be. The outfit can look like a dress by having the bottom part be longer, or like a skirt if the bottom part is shorter. The cut off top commonly reveals the belly bottom or parts right below it; or the bottom half can ride above the belly bottom or hang low on the hips. These looks may be funky, cute, frilly, and overall glamorous, which is why they’re so popular in today’s fashion.

Since these 5 trends are perfect for a 2018 prom look, you’re bound to be the talk of the party when you use one or combine multiple.