Top 5 Places to Visit Before You’re 30

20 March 2018

No matter who they are, everyone at one point or another in their lives needs to just get away and relax. Whether it be to the supermarket, a friend’s house, or across the country, sometimes people long to be “free” of their responsibilities, even for a short while.

When it comes to vacationing and exploring, there are certain destinations that are a must-see because of their beauty, elegance, uniqueness, popularity, and landscape. With traveling it’s better to do it young, that way you can remember it for the rest of your life and be able to tour more readily.


This capital of Italy is a cosmopolitan and beautiful city that’s full of architecture, museums, stores, fountains, artwork, churches, palaces, statues, food, animals, and loads of history. One of the most famous parts of Rome is the colosseum, which is an historical amphitheater. There is also the Trevi Fountain, which has been refurbished multiple times and is common to throw euros into. Some foods to try while walking the streets of Rome are bruschetta, pizza, fritti, carbonara, suppli, gelato, and fried artichoke.

Arenal Volcano

Located in Costa Rica, this must see active stratovolcano and its surroundings is a fascinating sight to explore and discover. This national park is surrounded by hot springs, trails, lakes, forests, the waterfall La Fortuna, and so much more. While visiting some popular activities are walking on lava fields, watching the lava flow at nighttime, swimming in a volcanic hot spring, and enlightening one’s senses as they tour through a rainforest.


Located in France, this glorious city is home to the Eiffel tower, The Louvre, Notre-dame de Paris, Arc de Triomphe, Le Marais, and so much more. From decorated streets to dazzling lights it’s no wonder Paris is such a popular tourist attraction. Paris is also known for its foods, some of which are macarons, croissants, crêpes, baguettes, cheese, and chocolate; so you’re definitely going to want to remember to grab a bite to eat.


This Indonesian island is so energetic, lively, and colorful that you could easily spend months there touring and still have missed things. There are temples, forests, markets and gift shops, parks, volcanoes, rice terraces, beaches, valleys, waterfalls, and so much more. Bali is so full of culture that even if you don’t practice it it’s amazing to take in all the art, history, traditions, dances, healings, and spirituality.

Grand Canyon National Park

Located in the state of Arizona in the country America, this colossal canyon is a National Park and a must-see for anyone that loves nature, walking, the outdoors, hiking, touring, walking, rafting, camping, etc. Full to the brim of geological history, the Grand Canyon is an astonishing location. When visiting, you can stay at the South rim, North rim, West rim, and East rim, but for most travelers, they choose the South rim. The Grand Canyon with its gorgeous colors and sights is so vast and popular you’re going to want to book your stay months in advance.