How To Be Fearless After You Make A Mistake

13 May 2022

I have made mistakes, continue to make them in my personal and business life, and thrive off of every mistake I make. It takes time to get comfortable making mistakes and admitting to making them. I take myself incredibly seriously especially in business and so when something goes awry, I don’t always take it well mentally. I feel my heart start to beat and my anxiety come on. When that happens, I take a deep breath and turn my phone or laptop off for a bit. I’ve found that working to ground myself again after realizing I offered too little money or lost a deal because I asked for too much sometimes comes down to luck. You’ll never know what someone is thinking behind their computer screen so you might as well not even think about it and move on to the next.

If you go out and have fun with your friends and then text someone you shouldn’t (we’ve all been there…) don’t text them again the next day. Or ever.

Be fearless and delete their number. You don’t need it. If someone isn’t texting you when you’re already out wanting to talk, they just ain’t worth your time.

I’ve done this (and sometimes do it now!) but every time I get a little less anxious the day after because I’ve prepared myself for the scenario and the feeling of texting someone you shouldn’t have!

Here’s what I ask myself every time I’m anxious after making a mistake:

Will I remember this in 10 years? 10 days? 10 weeks?

I’ve never once been able to answer that sentence with a yes. So move the f*** on and stop overthinking.


Business is a tricky game because there are so many obstacles to jump over to get certain business deals. I’ve negotiated back and forth, sometimes for weeks with a company, and still get a no. I find myself asking myself if I should’ve asked for less money, followed up less or offered them more options (like a Tik Tok and a social media post) yet each time a deal goes wrong, another deal pops up that was even better than the one I was eager to land. There’s this remarkable thing called success once you work hard. Once you walk away from something or accept the word no when you get it, you’ll find yourself looking back at the moments where you thought you’d never recover and realizing that what isn’t meant for you isn’t meant for you.

I’ll say it again: stop overthinking and be fearless enough to move the f*** on.

Anticipate the days and weeks where you will find yourself frustrated that you’re not further along in whatever you’re pursuing and when those feelings hit, go do something that reminds you why you started. Walk, run, write, drink tea…because everything else is just noise.


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