Artist Louis Carreon on Substance Abuse Leading to Success

I never thought I’d be filming a podcast on a yacht in Miami but the more fearless you are, the more you’ll realize how your life gifts you opportunities and excitement because that’s what you deserve.

Really excited about this episode and excited to hear what you guys think too!

Former CFO of Laura Mercier & Founder of Pause Beauty, Rochelle Weitzner

A few weeks ago, I met Rochelle at an event in Austin. Her story of resilience, persistence, and true determination was nothing but inspiring to me. Rochelle founded a company called PAUSE that focuses on beauty products for women dealing with menopause and I interviewed her for the show to get her opinion on why young women need to be thinking about menopause way earlier than they are!

The Guide To Being In Your 20s

Mentor Match mentor and financial Dr. Yashoda is an ICF Certified coach as well as a Certified Money Coach, helping women physicians who have unique struggles in medicine around burnout, sexism and discrimination. As an attending physician for more than 20 years, she has helped mentor a number of medical students, residents and also pre-med college students. She also has mentored other physicians who want to start and run businesses or have general questions about leadership and entrepreneurship. Her philosophy is that financial freedom is key to developing control of one’s professional and personal life, giving physicians and other women professionals, choice to create a work-life balance that works for them.