We Met At Acme Founder Lindsey Metselaar

This week on The New Unfiltered, I’m excited to introduce Be Fearless Summit speaker and founder of popular dating podcast We Met At Acme, Lindsey Metselaar. Lindsey spoke at the Vanderbilt Be Fearless Summit last year. She’s built a phenomenal brand surrounding being fearless, going after what you want and being unfiltered. This badass is here to tell you how to build a business and how to fall in love!

Stacey Ferguson: Investor, Blogger and Queen of Startups

Stacey Ferguson has a lot to say about blogging in this day and age. After launching a very successful blog before blogging was even a potential career (sounds like my story!) Stacey worked at an influencer ad agency. She has phenomenal advice about launching a successful blog in a saturated market, and we even chime in on what she thinks is a suitable rate for newer creators to be charging.

Serial Founder Margo Jordan On How She Found Comfort In Enjoying Falling Down

Margo Jordan and I have been friends for ages – she is a successful entrepreneur in the Houston area who launched a company called Chicks with Class years ago that was just acquired. Margo joins me to discuss how she finds comfort in rejection and learning about the process of falling down and getting back up. To be a successful founder, you have to be so oddly comfortable in every element of the journey – including the worst moments.