The Power Of A Fake Assistant

The secret to success? Stop caring what people think and start using being different to your advantage. In this episode, Alix & Alexa go through a secret Alexa is adamant changed her career path…and it’s something you’d probably want to do for your own business.



The New Unfiltered

From finsta stalking to sneaking into LA’s most exclusive parties (and everything in between) – meet Alix and Alexa; they’re here to show you that life is anything but easy, but it sure is a wild ride. The New Unfiltered airs Mondays at 5 AM PST.

This Isn’t The End, It’s Just The Beginning

Did you think I’d end This is Life Unfiltered without saying goodbye!? I’m wrapping up this show with everything I have to say right now, and a big thank you to all of you for supporting this show since the beginning. This isn’t an end, it’s just the beginning for The New Unfiltered. XO, Alexa

This is Life Unfiltered Podcast · This Isn't The End, It's Just The Beginning

The Last Episode of TILU: Hotel Chocolat CEO Brendan Drake

This is the last & final episode of This is Life Unfiltered, made possible by the best chocolate brand in the world, Hotel Chocolat. I’ve loved being on this journey with you all and I can’t wait until the New Unfiltered show airs this summer. Head to now to get your own summer sample box!


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129: Hulya Swim Founders Christina & Hannah

I’ve been consulting on a sustainable swimwear company called Hulya Swim for the past year, watching this startup go from an idea to a strong and successful company…with a few bumps along the road. I sat down with the Florida based founders, Christina and Hannah, to discuss sustainable fashion, why they care so much about the ocean, and how you can leave a cleaner footprint on the environment.

This is Life Unfiltered Podcast · 129: Hulya Swim Founders Christina & Hannah