I started filming episodes for This is Life Unfiltered (my OG podcast when I was living in Boston) in 2016. I was broke, struggling to figure out myself and what brand I wanted to build, and questioning whether or not I made the right decision about skipping college. That show is what got me in the door with Radio Disney and eventually became Fearless Everyday with Alexa Curtis.


These Founders Invested Their Lives Into A Coffee Startup

Who looks forward to their morning cup of joe? Oh hunnyyyyy, I do. I get so excited I plan the mug I’m drinking my coffee in the night before. Mhm. I’m one of those.

Today on The New Unfiltered, meet my fearless friend Alin. Her and her husband founded Afuga Coffee in Austin and are on a mission to reinvent the feeling you have when you drink your money cup of coffee.

Former CFO of Laura Mercier & Founder of Pause Beauty, Rochelle Weitzner

A few weeks ago, I met Rochelle at an event in Austin. Her story of resilience, persistence, and true determination was nothing but inspiring to me. Rochelle founded a company called PAUSE that focuses on beauty products for women dealing with menopause and I interviewed her for the show to get her opinion on why young women need to be thinking about menopause way earlier than they are!

SPECIAL REPORT: Why I Think Online Schools Can Be The Key To A Student’s Future

Transferring to the Keystone School was the best decision I ever made. I really struggled in my previous brick-and-mortar high school and was worried about failing out. When I first came across the Keystone School an online high school, I knew it was the right decision for me to transfer. I’m joined by a school instructor Nicole to get her opinion on why online school is right for anyone. Now through May 31, 2020, save 50% off all K-12 Keystone courses,* including Keystone recovery courses. Promo code: 50OFF

This is Life Unfiltered Podcast · SPECIAL REPORT: Why I Think Online Schools Can Be The Key To A Student’s Future

110: Caissie St.Onge Is One Badass Babe

Caissie St. Onge was the Showrunner, Executive Producer and a writer of E!’s late night talk show, “Busy Tonight,” hosted by Busy Philipps and Executive Produced by Tina Fey. She started her career at “The Late Show with David Letterman” and was a writer on all six years of “The Rosie O’Donnell Show” for Warner Brothers. After growing up in Connecticut, St. Onge moved out with little money to pursue a career in entertainment. Her experience working for David Letterman catapulted her into a lucrative career in TV, which she attributes to knowing very little about entertainment initially and just letting the world guide her to success.