I’m Constantly Evolving And You Should Be Too

New day, new episode!

Super excited about this episode in particular, because I’m really taking you back to the beginning. I hosted a talk on Clubhouse yesterday that had a very strong response, and I look forward to hosting the same topic of discussion every Sunday on Clubhouse. Rejection and resilience are huge themes in my life. They also play a massive role in any founders journey, because no one gets a yes once and their story ends there. It’s the opposite: the more rejection you face, the stronger you’ll become.

In this episode, I go into detail about how I went from having a hobby of blogging to building that tiny site into this lifestyle platform! There’s so much good advice about how to pitch, how to secure your own brand deals or dream job, and how I kept bouncing back every time someone told me no.


This Tech Startup Is Changing The Landscape

Due to the current health risks, it has become much harder to shop for clothing. Sure, we can take measurements at home and order something off ModCloth or Nordstrom, but it doesn’t have the same appeal as trying them on before we head to the counter. Of course, we can also visit retailers and try on clothing with all the proper protocols, but is that something we want to risk our health for?

 Due to the current health risks, it has become much harder to shop for clothing. Sure, we can take measurements at home and order something off ModCloth or Nordstrom, but it doesn’t have the same appeal as trying them on before we head to the counter. …
And with reports saying that the virus may never go away, it’s difficult to feel optimistic about everything going back to the way it was. Luckily, it doesn’t need to. Thanks to new technology, designers were able to create software that will allow a customer to try clothes from the safety of their home.

StyleScan is a Los Angeles fashion startup that recently debuted last December. After two years of hard work, they were ready to unveil their proprietary visualization AI technology that’ll allow people to fit clothes without trying them on.

We call it ‘augmented apparel try-on’,” Larissa Posner said in an interview. “Displayed in 3D, the garments can be shown on a carousel of diverse models… we use our technology to convey human forms, different rotations, and a variety of poses. Our final image is indistinguishable from a traditional photograph.”

StyleScan’s technology runs on an AR interface. The technology forms 3D components in a footprint library, bypassing the need to transfer design data back and forth. The result is an easy layering of design spins onto real-world components, allowing people to swap the clothing using a photo.


The fashions are rendered, not photographed,” Posner explained.

What did Posner mean by “rendered”? This means turning 3D models into 2D or flat images. In StyleScan’s case, the “models” are clothing. Before the clothes are uploaded into the system, specialists are tasked to make 3D model versions of them. This allows the clothing to adapt to the person’s photographed pose or angle.

For example, StyleScan can show a cute top’s front print on a front-facing person. But if the user wants to see how the clothing looks from the side, they only need to take a side view photo of themselves, and the technology will automatically overlay the top at the same angle. Think of it like looking at a mirror where your clothing changes magically. It’s very realistic-looking too!

[We’re] not just a group of techies,” said Galina Sobolev, StyleScan’s chief marketing officer. “We are seasoned fashion professionals, and with the aid of high-tech innovators we are bringing a lot to the game.” Posner, for instance, once worked as a fashion model in New York.

When is it rolling out?

StyleScan will be available mid-2021. The company is surprisingly tight-lipped about the details of its launch, including the clothing brands that they’re working with. However, we know it’s going to be an app since it’s easier to take photos with our phones.

If you’re looking for live updates, you can visit their website at stylescan.app.

I Got My IUD Removed, & Here’s What Happened To My Body/Skincare Routine


I’ve noticed my skin totally transform over the past few months. I got my IUD removed and my period has finally come back after not having it for close to 8 years. It’s certainly an annoying 7 days in my life every month, but not something I’m too disappointed about!

My skin always has been dry, so I’ve been in the process of trying new products out to figure out how to counteract the dryness of my skin while my hormones go back to normal. My skin routine is as follows:

Curology moisturizer & cleanser, cleanser in the morning and night and moisturizer in the morning. 

I did a partnership last year with Curology and didn’t anticipate liking the products as much as I do. Skincare isn’t my speciality, so I’m usually going back to products I used to buy with my mom when I was in high school since getting out of my comfort zone with skincare scares me! When I tested out the custom Curology items for a few weeks, my skin really started to improve. I was struggling with breakouts on my chin which is hormonal, but Curology cured the breakouts.

I have since stopped using the custom formula, and only use the moisturizer and cleanser now. Love them all, though!


I use Glossier future dew and super bounce. My sister encouraged me to get these two products because my skin was getting so dry even when I was cleansing/ toning every night. For my night moisturizer, I use the Glossier priming moisturizer rich. It’s very thick and you don’t need to use that much, but it lasts overnight and I wake up refreshed when I use these three in the evening.

In order: Glossier super bounce, Glossier night moisturizer, and then future dew on top (it’s VERY greasy so use 1/2-1 full pump). 

For eye cream: Chantecaille stress repair eye cream is very light, and I like it. Retail is $198, so I buy mine on Poshmark.

That’s all! It seems like a lot of steps, but it’s seriously easy and simple. Glossier products are very affordable, so the main investment is in Curology and the eye cream.

If you’ve got dry skin like me, this routine will change your life!


Serious celeb  on this episode today. Meet my mother, Audrey. How did she end up in America? Did I show signs of being different from a young age? Plus, what parents should know about kids who show signs they are different. Follow The New Unfiltered and Alexa Curtis at @thenewunfiltered and @alexa_curtis on social media.

The New Unfiltered · MEET MY MOM

The New Unfiltered: Final Episode, Season 1

Season 1 with Alix is wrapping up a few episodes earlier than anticipated so I can get back to what I do best: inspiring and interviewing experts from around the world. In this episode I go into detail of why I’m dissolving the podcast with a co-host, my decision to move to Austin, and how I plan to expand my company in this new city.

What you can expect on season 2 is different than past shows I’ve done. You can leave me a private voicemail every week about something you’re struggling with and I’ll tackle the answer with some experts during each episode. Season 2 will start airing in February!


My Trip To Vail With Antlers Resort

My therapist told me to take a few weeks off and after 4 months of not listening to her, I finally did. And oh I did: I ended up in Austin and Vail, and lived my life like the most fearless 23-year-old could! Skiing, snowmobiling, eating fried chicken sandwiches and more.

A few months ago, I reached out to a publicist who I’ve worked with in the past to see if she’d host me at my favorite resort in Lake Tahoe. Though she didn’t represent The Landing in Tahoe anymore, she referred me to another property in Vail called The Antlers. I said yes before even asking friends if anyone wanted to join me. After asking pretty much everyone I know, I got a few friends to join me in Vail for a 4-day skiing trip. If you’ve never skied before, it’s quite an adventure. I’m a self-taught skier, having only skied twice in my life and one of those times was on a black diamond course. Now, my last skiing adventure was enough to scare me enough to where I’d never ski again. Beginners do not belong on black diamond courses, they belong on bunny trails and quite frankly in the lodge having a hot cocoa. But how could I consider myself to be fearless if I wasn’t able to say I fell down skiing and got back up over and over?

I flew in to Vail earlier than my friends did, and rented a car from Denver. I drove about two hours from Denver to Vail and parked my car in the garage at the Antlers. I’m a huge hotel snob but usually shy away from Airbnb or condos when traveling because I don’t feel as boujee as I do when I’m at a hotel with room service. I was skeptical when I said yes to the partnership with Antlers because I didn’t know what to anticipate. Upon checking in and entering the room, I decided my theory around apartments was wrong. Antlers hooked us up with the most beautiful two-bedroom apartment in the heart of Vail. With a coffee machine, tons of blankets, a spacious bathroom and kitchen, this spot was worthy of me moving in to.

Our stay was relaxing and luxurious. I had tons of questions throughout my stay about where to eat, how to get reservations (Vail books out weeks in advance) and where to ski. Front desk staff answered faster than anyone at the Four Seasons concierge does, ready to pick us up down the road or get me a reservation at the nicest spot in town. Along with their concierge, they hook guests up the skis and snowboards for 10% off. You can get your gear delivered to Antlers or pick it up literally 2 feet away from the property.

Even though there’s no on-site restaurant, you can order soups or get a coffee or water in the lobby. Don’t fret, you’re in a perfect area for restaurants on every block: we didn’t have enough time in the four days to eat at every restaurant in the vicinity! Down the street we munched on fried chicken sandwiches at Bully Ranch, a very cool and country restaurant in another hotel.

On our second day, we ventured out to Nova Guides to snowmobile in a blizzard! In Vail, you can either stay inside all day and grill or ski, or venture out to other areas nearby. Avon and Gypsum are other upscale towns close to Vail, so I suggest you rent a car so you’re not stranded if you do decide to venture out.

Overall, Antlers was the only spot I’d stay in in Vail the next time I’m in town. I’m already looking forward to my next trip!

Why I’m Moving To Austin, Texas

Los Angeles, Los Angeles. You’ve been good to me. But I’m comfortable, and that’s why I’m leaving your almond milk latte filled city to head to the capitol of tacos and tequila.

Let’s take it back to the beginning. I grew up in Mansfield, Connecticut, probably the smallest and prettiest town you’ll ever step foot in. Only 2 hours away from the capitol of wealth (if you know Connecticut, you likely only know Hartford, Greenwich or Fairfield) Mansfield was where my story began. It’s in my childhood bedroom where I ran up the stairs to escape from school and blog everyday that my ideas really began. The evolution of my career, something I’ve shared step by step on social media and Life Unfiltered since the beginning, has been nothing but unusual. I moved out at 17 to Bedstuy, Brooklyn, and then landed in Boston for three years. I got bored in Boston and convinced my (at the time) best friend Gabe to try out LA with me.

Being from the East Coast, Los Angeles was always the last city I said I’d try. Half the time when I was in LA I was trying to convince myself I wasn’t crazy that I was moving to LA after living in many of the top cities in the country, and the other half of the time I was sketching myself out to where I was in such disbelief when I landed my Radio Disney show, Fearless Everyday. Do people who come from nothing really become something, or does that only happen in the movies? I’ve always struggled with looking at my life as a third person. Because I’m so deep in stress, anxiety and obsession most of the time with my career, I rarely realize how privileged I am to be able to tell you I’ve crafted my dream life by working my ass off. Often times, I’m only reminded of that when I connect with a college student or someone who is in a talk I’m presenting who reaches out to me after a few months and tells me how I helped them land their dream job or quit the job they hated.

Long story short, I never anticipated staying in Los Angeles longer than I had to. The happiness and calmness I feel in Boston is a feeling I’ve never had in LA. LA is the place everyone moves to be someone and that’s what makes it so special. That also makes the competition so high, and the lack of depth and authenticity in people so extreme. I’d certainly say New York and Boston are a completely different place than LA on the topic of people. Making friends and keeping them in California was and will remain difficult. If you’re not from there, it’s hard to find your place.

When the pandemic hit, instead of leaving, I signed a lease on my dream apartment in Hollywood Hills and hit the ground running. What I didn’t expect is what would eventually transpire in LA from 2019-2020: people dying every minute, immature young adults hosting COVID parties at their mansions, and top tech companies moving out of California to save money, especially on taxes.

Something over the past 5 months has shifted for me. Maybe it’s because we ended the season of The New Unfiltered earlier, or because many of my friends have left LA, but I don’t feel like I have to sacrifice my own happiness to stay in this city anymore. Austin has clean air, amazing people, great food, and a happening scene. There’s also so many resources there for small businesses – something I’ve never found in LA is a community of entrepreneurs who want to bring each other up and not down. I’ve got influencer friends, but I way prefer to be around my friends who own their own companies because I thrive in that environment.

I’m not giving up my apartment in LA until I know if I like Austin more than LA, but I have a strong feeling I’ll feel right at home in a world of tacos and tequila.

BFS Ambassadors Doing Good


Last week on social media, Be Fearless Summit announced a giveaway to win a $50 Target gift card. The requirements were to do something to give back in the community. The amount of pictures we received were amazing, and so inspired me to give back more.
I could not be more proud of our 2020 Be Fearless Summit ambassadors. Those who sent in pictures to enter to win the $50 Target gift card, thank you!
It’s been an incredible year pivoting and bringing the summit program online which was not easy, to say the least.
With two calls set up so far with universities for potential 2021 summits, I’m so excited for what 2021 will bring and how the program will continue to expand.
Xo, Alexa

The Alexa Curtis Way To Pitch

Writing emails can be a waste of time if you’re not getting to the point soon enough. I hosted a few talks last week via Zoom, one in particular with a nonprofit, and I was asked a question by one of the students about how to decide which idea to pursue. If you’re a serial entrepreneur, which means you have tons of different ideas and sometimes struggle with choosing the one to pursue, I encourage you to read the below paragraph.

One student I spoke with is a great reference point for helping you decide which idea you want to focus on primarily. This student, let’s call her Megan, has a food idea, an eyelash idea, and a social media design company. She hasn’t been able to bring in consistent revenue for any of her ideas, which is probably due to her being spread too thin with not enough resources to bring one of her main ideas to life. My suggestion for Megan was to focus primarily on the social media graphics, reaching out to local companies in her area asking them if they’d be interested in testing her services out for free for one week, and then incorporating some of her social media posts to include the eyelashes and the food videos.

By doing this, you’re building one brand while making her other interests visible but not super important until the money starts to come in.

To pitch, scroll through the graphics below to get the best bang for your buck and not waste your time on pointless emails!