Q&A/ Be Fearless Summit 2022


The past few weeks have been incredibly difficult for both my team and the UCONN team, and I know many of you are equally stressed and anxious with the current state of the world. We all expected to be out of the pandemic by now and we aren’t, and for that I’m deeply sorry and especially sorry for students who are eager to get back to normal. We’ll be there soon.

Below you will find answers to all of the questions surrounding the event with UCONN that is being held in Connecticut on February 26th, 2022. We have done the best we can to make sure that you will still be able to network on campus, make new friends, and get out of your comfort zone.


Amanda Torchia will host her keynote on February 25th, 2022 virtually from 5:30-7:30 PM EST and this will be considered the VIP event.


Unfortunately, we’ve had to remove panels and speakers. This summit will now be a half-day summit from 10 AM EST – 1 PM EST on Saturday and there will be a max of 50 people in the Werth Institute building on campus. Anyone attending who is not a speaker must be a UCONN student and must have RSVP’ed or you will not be allowed in the building. Masks required, no vaccine mandate in Connecticut but would love if you are vaccinated. 


You will choose the panel you want to attend if there are two panels at once. 


You will still get lunch and a VIP bag but there will be no congregating. There will be no vendor booths. 


Yes, our whole team and the UCONN team who has partnered with us is all women however we encourage men and women to attend these events. 


Footwear Needed to Be a Boss Babe Anywhere

For centuries, clothes have been used as symbols of power and influence. This is
clearly seen in the rise of the power suits worn by working women. They wore
these suits as a form of defiance against society’s expectations of them. The
Fashion Institute of Technology even held an exhibit that honored the culture of
clothes being worn to represent power in different settings, such as the upper
echelons of society and the military. The event was used as a way for women to
present their confidence in themselves to the world.

Since I’m always on the go, here are my shoe options for every single task I’m trying to cross off of my list in one day!

Power dressing at work

Nothing presents confidence and strength in the workspace more than sleek
stilettos. For example, So Kate by Christian Louboutin a great pair is that exudes
power. Louboutins have often been associated with luxury and affluence, letting
onlookers know that you are capable of handling yourself in a work environment.

Of course, not every woman can walk all day in stilettos. In this case, don’t be
afraid to buy a pair of (comfortable) formal heels. If you top it off with a trusted
blazer and a pair of formal trousers, as highlighted in our article on The Power
Outfit, co-workers will know that you aren’t someone that should be messed with.

Power dressing in the gym

While the gym is the perfect place to physically display how strong and powerful
you are, it can also be done subtly through the clothes — especially the shoes —
that you wear. The BTS and Fila Dynamite collaboration has two designs that are a
cut above your regular gym sneakers. One has black as its base color with bright
orange and blue detailing, while the latter is white with pink, violet, and yellow
highlights. Not only are they comfortable to work out in, thus encouraging you to
power through your exercises, but their vibrant designs ooze style and self-
assurance. In fact, as a rule of thumb, cycle through your brightest and most
colorful sneakers in the gym.

Power dressing for a casual day

Just because it’s a regular day doesn’t mean you can put on a subtle power outfit.
For this, you can never go wrong with a sharp look like a pair of jeans and a
collared polo. The best footwear for this outfit would be loafers. The Cosmo 2.0 by
Vagabond, known to be loved by actors like Katie Holmes and models like Kendal
Jenner, are comfortable, durable, and, most importantly, sleek. They have a
timeless classic style that can be worn with almost anything, making them a great
option for those who want to look elegant without trying too hard. Loafers look

great with other formal-casual outfits too, like blazers and trousers as well as

Shoes can make or break a power outfit. Wearing the right ones for the appropriate
occasions is important. Be sure to choose a pair that you feel comfortable and
confident in to truly emphasize your strength.


I love this topic and think I’ve perfected the way to get people to reply to me after a phone call…but most importantly, get them to say yes to what I’m proposing.

This area of interest to touch on stemmed from a conversation I had last week with a group of schools who were asking me to speak to their students in Dallas. Talking about money is never a comfortable thing for anyone, myself included, and to avoid talking directly about money while always getting the money you want I’ve tested out some sentences and ways to end a conversation so that I get that YES. You shouldn’t ever feel uncomfortable asking for what you want but I know that it’s easier said than done especially if you weren’t prepared to discuss money on the call. You can easily finalize a deal via email.

The main benefit to sending a follow-up email is you won’t be forgotten about. I know for a fact that people overlook sending a thank you or follow-up email because they think they’ll hear back in 3-4 days from this person or that they don’t want to be “annoying” which is silly! Unless you’re harassing someone every 20 minutes, you are not annoying. As someone who frequently follows up more than you could probably fathom doing (lol) I’ve never in my whole career been told I’m annoying. I’ve only ever been thanked for reminding this person that we spoke and etc.

It’s the opposite: you set yourself apart by reminding this person that you appreciate and value their time and look forward to continuing the conversation.

Here’s two examples of follow-up emails I’ve written in the past week.

For context: the first email was following a call with an investor for my app I had yesterday and I wrote the email this morning. At the end of the call, we set another call set for 2 weeks from now. I contemplated whether to send a thank you email but I decided to send the email in the case he got off of our call and had calls the rest of the day and forgot to look at the deck I sent him which is why sending a follow-up email is always a good idea. Not critical, but why not do this?

Think like the 1%. Do the opposite of what your friends and colleagues do unless they’re getting deals left and right.

The email below that was after a phone call with a group of schools in Dallas. I asked her on the phone if I should send a follow-up email with a recap…how I worded that on the phone was something like:

“Really appreciate you taking the time to chat – what would you suggest as next steps?”

She replied suggesting that she would bring this proposal to her team and would circle back with me. Because our call was on a Friday, I asked her

“Would you like a recap of what we discussed on our call via email?”

She said yes of course!


All of these “templates” and sentences I’m giving you are appealing to use in emails or on phone calls. I’d suggest you start implementing this method in your endeavors, even if you’re a college student, because it has worked very well for me and though I’m frequently still rejected, I get told yes more than no.


In honor of FEARLESS airing, Be Fearless Summit has teamed up with COCO & BREEZY, founders of C&B Eyewear and the guests of episode 1 of FEARLESS, to offer two of you the chance to get mentored by Coco & Breezy themselves.

This is a very exciting chance to get mentored by self-made founders who are breaking boundaries and inspiring people from all walks of life to follow their dreams.

The rules are simple:

Comment on this post and get ready to ask them all of your questions. 

Aspiring founders and artists, this giveaway is a perfect opportunity for you to learn from founders who made it on their own.


Wow, wow, wow! It’s here! FEARLESS is out now on LOCALISH!

We filmed this pilot in August when it was blazing hot out in Manhattan, and seeing it come to life in this way is seriously rad. This is my first gig as a host and EP (executive producer) and I’m truly honored to be back in the Disney family.

Remember: I’m just a girl from Connecticut who started a blog when I was 12. No money, no connections. What’s holding you back from starting?



WOW, what a road this has been! My second show (!!!!) is OFFICIALLY OUT! I want to remind you that the journey and the experiences, the rejection and the acceptance, are what makes you who you are. If I had been turned down by them because I didn’t have millions of followers, I would’ve said screw it, I don’t need them anyway.

But they took a chance on me, and a good one, and it changed my life for forever.

I remember writing a batch of emails out when I first had the idea for Fearless Friday’s, and I got a few replies with one being from an assistant of a VP at Disney. I was sitting in a meeting with my (now) manager who at the time was interested in representing me but couldn’t exactly figure out what I was doing with my career. There was no Be Fearless Summit or podcast yet, just me and a blog with a few TV segments here and there. A meeting was set for right before the holidays with the rest of the team.

I’ll fast forward through the boring business and legal stuff, but in March of 2018 I sat in a meeting in Burbank and got the show! I was elated. It was the most exciting moment of my life. The contracts where ready to be signed and I was like this is my moment, I’ve worked for so many years and now it finally paid off. A few weeks later I was in Scottsdale, Arizona for a conference and I got a phone call from my manager who explained to me that they decided I couldn’t have the show. I remember looking up at the sky and just falling to the ground after that. I had a mini YouTube series that was geared towards older people and it was NOT PG. PG-13 but not PG, and for a PG company, I should’ve known better.

For 6 months, I wanted to die. A part of me had wished I had been 12-years-old, like most people are, when they sign with a company geared towards kids. If I had been a kid, I would’ve had no insight into life yet. At this point I was still a “kid” in a sense, but I was smart enough to know that you don’t get that many yes’ in an industry like entertainment.

Having been through so many years of rejection, so much trial and error, and then getting told that it wouldn’t work out again, was the worst feeling in the world. When you work your whole life for some glimmer of success, for that one “yes”, and then it’s gone in a moment, there is nothing to describe it.

I drove back from Scottsdale to Los Angeles, was once again sleeping on the floor of a sublet in West Hollywood, and slept for days. I had a flight booked to Istanbul to see my nephew a few weeks after that, so it’s now almost summer, early May, and we had never heard back from the team about what could be resolved. I got to Istanbul and slept for more days. I’d wake up, check my email and my texts, and go back to bed. Because of the time difference, I was actually setting alarms at 1 AM in Istanbul to wake up and check my email to see if there was anything from my team or them. Day after day, nothing came. I blamed myself for having lost the show, for having been “stupid” enough to think I was helping people with those initial videos, and naive enough for thinking someone as big as a company like Disney would ever take a chance on me. It’s not like I came from tons of connections or money. I didn’t have someone to call to make a call to a friend to convince them I was worthy of this opportunity.

I woke up one day during that (what felt like) catastrophic time in my life, and had the idea for the Be Fearless Summit. I was so fragile that I didn’t think I’d ever be able to pursue the summit idea, but a part of me felt like I was getting back to myself now that I had another idea come along in my mind.

I left Disney, and and pitched the concept for FEARLESS to LOCALISH early last year and here we are!

TIMING, PERSISTENCE, KINDNESS, AND a little bit of obsession are they keys to success.

I’ll be interviewing the girls from the first episode TODAY on Instagram at 3 PM EST!

Why I Don’t Make New Year’s Resolutions

Monday on The New Unfiltered will be a solo episode with *yours truly* going into why I stopped making New Year’s Resolutions.

One thing I can tell you is that the last week of the year always gives me severe anxiety and I can’t figure out if it’s because everyone is out of office or because I have so much shit I want to accomplish in 2022 that I have more anxiety thinking about.

What do I do? Chill out and remember I’m not running out of time. This mindset gets easier for me every year I get older but I still struggle with remembering it’s okay if I don’t want to do anything for a day or if I want to stay in bed till noon. Does anyone care besides me, will I get less work done because I choose to not do anything for a few extra hours?

No. No. No.

Shift your mindset, change your life.

People make common New Year’s resolutions/goals/whatever you want to call it: drop 5 pounds, eat healthier, drink less, etc. and I get it. I’m not saying that having a resolution is a silly idea: actually quite the opposite. My issue with New Year’s goals is that they frequently end after the first few months or weeks of the new year and then you may fall into this hole of negativity with a negative mindset because you didn’t get to June and drop your 30 pounds by then.

Everything comes down to mindset. I struggle pretty deeply with living in the moment – it doesn’t work for me as much as it should for someone my age. I envy 24-year-olds who go out and party and wake up and live their day with 4 hours of sleep. I value something like being in bed by 10:22 PM so I can wake up between 6-7 AM (because if I don’t I’m convinced I ruined my day), starting to eat my meals around 1/2 PM but if I start eating around noon I wonder if I should’ve waited an additional hour and so on… so much to where if I don’t do that and wake up feeling even the slightest bit tired – I get mad at myself. Typing this out I remember I’m neurotic and I love being that way!

The downside: I didn’t realize I was missing out on really important conversations and opportunities until I was in Dallas a few weeks ago for work and was visiting a friend of mine who definitely loves to drink AND works in finance – I prepared myself for three days where I’d sleep less than 9 hours, stay up way past 10:22 and remind myself to shut the f*** up the next day when I wanted to get mad at myself for doing everything I avoid on weekdays like staying out late and having fun.

Do you know what happened when I tried this new mindset out for three days? I literally have never made so many solid connections, ate incredible food and fancy champagne, and walked away from Dallas feeling so proud of myself I got out of my comfort zone in the “smallest” way – by changing my mindset.

I have goals, tons of them! But that exact reason above is why I’m making one resolution and one resolution only: live in the freakin’ moment. I’ve tested this out over the past weeks, explaining myself less to people especially my friends who always have my best interests at heart but sometimes you have to follow your own heart more, staying out later and waking up later, and saying no to activities or people I don’t see the need to hang out with.

I stopped caring so much about what people think about me or how I’d upset someone if I said no to an offer to go out with them and I realized there is no better way to live.

My life has improved significantly over the past month by testing this out and I didn’t need a new year to realize I have right now, right here to live my life to the fullest. If I’m with someone in a moment or over the course of a week and I’m happy in that moment, nothing else matters because they may not be there tomorrow. I don’t ever want someone else to pick me back up when I’m down besides myself and best friends at this point in my life. That may shift as some point or it’ll stay a constant – being comfortable letting yourself make your own decisions based solely on what you’re feeling in the moment is a very powerful feeling.

If you need to make one resolution, make it to remind yourself that you’ll get to your end goal- but you still only have right now.


Mentor Whiplash Is A Real Thing

I was at a meeting on Friday with this woman my friend introduced me to in Austin who is super big in the tech/ startup space, and we got into a whole conversation about mentorship and defining a mentor. She’s in her 60s, so it was really interesting to chat to someone who is older than me about mentorship and how she defines her role as a mentor. As I embark on building this app in 2022, I’m eager to see how my experience mentoring and getting mentored influences my decisions about what elements of the app to focus on first. There is NO such thing as failure, but what you can experience when launching something new is certainly a level of intimidation about possibly failing, and I’m certainly dealing with that! What I do know is that whether or not something is successful as first will only catapult you into something else to pursue. Life is all about the pivot.

One statement she said on Friday that really caught me is that mentor whiplash is a real thing. I’ve never thought about the chance of being overwhelmed by speaking to multiple mentors in  one day or in one frame of time but she’s right. It’s real, and it’s something to watch out for because if you don’t, you’ll end up getting stuck feeling more confused following every person you chat to.

At the UCONN summit in February, we’re implementing Mentor Match for the first time ever during our lunch hour on February 26th, and I know that some students may feel slightly overwhelmed by talking to each mentor in 15 minute time slots over the course of 60 minutes. So, how do you avoid “whiplash” when talking and networking but still continuing to talk to tons of people and gain insight from all of them?

Be prepared.

Anyone who talks to a lot of people at once is going to feel slightly overwhelmed but that doesn’t mean stop now: if anything, it means pull out your notebook, take a deep breath, and write down any words or statements that stand out to you during the course of your conversation. If you end up writing nothing down that’s not a bad sign: it just means this mentor probably isn’t a solid fit for you and you should keep talking to other people in the room.

I’ve done a lot of posts about networking over the years and one way that I successfully network without getting tired or lost amongst a crowd is starting with an entryway question like what do you do now? or where are you from? to get someone talking about themselves, and from there they’ll probably ask you a similar question where you can answer and follow-up with I’m actually building x,y,z or I’m interested to continue to pick your brain because I’m looking for a job in x,y,z industry and you seem connected. 

Implement that similar mentality into your mentor calls and before you’re overwhelmed you’ll realize you’ve successfully taken what you needed from a 15 or 20 minute conversation to pursue your next endeavor!

Debating Different Forms Of Birth Control With Dr. David Ghozland (IUD, PHEXXI & more)

This episode features a doctor and his personal opinions. Please consult your own doctor before changing birth control or getting on a form of contraceptive. All other opinions discussed are my own and come from my personal experience using birth control. 

I want to make it very clear I am PRO birth control: but not pro side effects. It’s important to do your research and find the right BC for you before stopping or starting BC. 

Today on The New Unfiltered, I welcome my personal OBGYN, Dr. David Ghozland. I found Dr. Ghozland a few years ago after doing some deep research due to a personal health issue I was struggling with. He will be releasing a podcast episode over the next few weeks on his podcast that discusses what I went through and how he was able to help.

After going into his office and meeting with him, I continued to utilize his practice for not only the specific surgery I got but also as my ongoing OBGYN.

He chimes in on other forms of birth control on the market like PHEXXI and his thoughts on how birth control will progress in the future.


A few weeks ago I was in Miami for Art Basel with a group of my close friends and interviewed Louis Carreon, one of the greatest artists of all time on a yacht he rented for Art Basel.

Out of all of my interviews with founders over the years, I never know whose story will stand out to me more than someone else’s. What I do know is that every person has a story to tell and once you get into the nitty gritty of why someone started, your opinion of them may totally change.

I met Louise through mutual friends in LA and when my sister was in town, she and I headed to his gallery to look at some art she was thinking of buying for her home in Turkey. Louise is one of those people who will tell you his story straight, with no bullshit and no expectation that you’re going to react in one way or anything. He literally doesn’t give a f*** what you think about him and I think that’s dope.

Imagine if we could all be surrounded by people who are unapologetically themselves and just looking to create and inspire.

As a teen drug user and school dropout, Louis began to start painting in his late teens and didn’t hit peak success until way into his 30s. He’s here to tell you how to get out of your comfort zone, not be defined by what the world wants you to do, and seek your own version of success.