A few weeks ago I posted a video about getting taken seriously in your 20s and it resonated with many of you. Filming the video was eye-opening for me as well, remembering the times I wasn’t taken seriously in my late teens to now because of my age. I used to never tell people my age when I was 16, 17 or 18-years-old especially when I was hosting TV segments because I knew I’d never be taken seriously!

Not being taken seriously because of your age makes sense. The older you are, the more experiences you’ve had. In a hiring process, you’ll always face competition that may be due to age and experience or simply experience.

There’s two responses I say to myself internally if I’m told no because of my age:

I’m going to talk to someone smarter!

Maybe I’m being told no because I simply don’t have the experience I need. So, let me go get that experience.

Look, if you’re emailing or cold pitching a company or mentor and you’re expecting something without showing proof or results: you’re setting yourself up to fail. I wouldn’t take someone seriously who didn’t have experience behind them unless it was an internship or mentorship opportunity. Business is business.

Be Fearless Summit has shown different ways to be taken seriously if you’re young in different posts.

Wear a blazer to your interviews and Zoom meetings.

Stop asking people what they think and start leading with “here’s what I think, do you agree?”

And don’t go getting intoxicated at company parties (regardless of your age!) or crying to your colleagues or boss on days you need to take a mental health day. Take a day or five off!

I wish there were more discussions around being in your 20s: your 20s are a learning and growing part of life that comes with so many growing pains. You want to fall down. Again and again and getting back up every time.

How can you get experience without learning?

Announcing: Be Fearless at CCSU Keynote

I’ve been in Istanbul & Mykonos for the past few weeks spending as much time enjoying life offline as possible, which isn’t easy when you run your own company. If there’s one thing I know about myself, it’s that I thrive when I’m working. The excitement I get when I open an exciting email is not the same kind of excitement I feel when I get on an airplane: I truly live to work!

With the upcoming Be Fearless Summit heading to Central Connecticut State University October 5th, 2022 – Be Fearless is looking forward to presenting a shorter event with equally informative panels and a pitch competition. When Central approached us to bring a Be Fearless Summit to the university, we decided to work with them to make sure that the students at this particular school feel inspired and educated about the topics presented.

This is our first time working with a commuter school (students don’t dorm and most of the students will go on to work traditional 9-5 jobs) whereas we’ve worked with schools like UCONN and Drexel in the past that have a heavy emphasis on entrepreneurship and business. The theme for this summit is

Build Your CORE…Career Opportunity Readiness and Exploration

so if you’ll be at the event (full schedule and RSVP to come soon) expect a heavier emphasis of career building than past events. What’s incredible about being fearless is you can be fearless in and out of the classroom.

Full schedule and further details to come, follow Be Fearless Summit here to stay in the loop with how you can get involved. Speak submissions are still open!


GRASSHOPPHER in partnership with Be Fearless Summit are encouraging you to be your most fearless self.

This is an exclusive opportunity for fans of the brand to become involved in limited edition opportunities before the program becomes invite only. Over the weekend, I hosted a small networking event in Austin that invited some community members and fearless women. We discussed work, dating and women’s rights. After the unfortunate overturn of Roe V. Wade on Friday, I couldn’t help but show up to the event feeling a little sad. We were all in the same boat Saturday and being around one another to discuss our feelings and what it’s like for women right now was truly inspiring. There is nothing I like more than hearing stories from other women!

For future summits, events and in-person networking in Austin and Connecticut (the two cities we are rolling out memberships in) you must be a member. We have interviewed 100s of young women over the past 3 weeks between ages 24-32 to figure out what they’re struggling with and through those interviews we realized the importance of truly building a community internally and externally. We want you all to have access to each other at our events and over the web.

Get your presale membership below!


We made it. The entire Be Fearless Summit team and myself are thrilled to announce the 2022 fall summit at Central Connecticut State University, October 5th from 4-8 PM EST. This is our FIRST 4-hour intensive summit focusing on personal and career branding. As most of you know I’m from Connecticut so it’s a true honor to be able to bring another event to my home state and showcase what being fearless is all about.

All of the questions about the summit can be found on the Be Fearless website linked below. This summit will be unique because there will be a pitch competition, less speakers but more intensive learning opportunities as well as the option for you to pitch your brand to investors. We want students at CCSU to walk away with a mentor, a new friend and an opportunity for them to expand on their personal brand.

Note: attendees must be CCSU students. We allow a small amount of non-CCSU students to attend, but you must RSVP in August to guarantee your spot.

Note: as GrassHoppher x Be Fearless Summit have merged, we will be requiring all speakers to be members.

The presale membership is currently available until September. In September the membership will increase to $100-200 monthly (students get a discount). Find out more about the membership by clicking this link.


The Amy Edwards Show

Let me tell you one incredible thing about getting older: your confidence goes through the roof. In my early 20s and late teens, I truly struggled with my confidence. I could speak in front of 100s of people including my peers and their parents but I felt deeply insecure off of that stage.

I’m an open book and I hope that through all of my work and initiatives you feel inspired to find confidence with who you are. My friend Amy invited me on her fearless AF podcast The Amy Edwards Show, and in this hour discussion we go through relationships, my childhood, trauma and so much more. I felt so proud to be in her presence but also to be able to go through my story in such detail in hopes that hearing my trials and tribulations inspires you to fall in love with the journey you’re on.

Meeting New Friends in Austin & How I Met Kendall Forward

I’m kinda digging these introductions to the dopest people in my life episodes…like last week with my co-founder Heather and this week with my best friend Kendall Forward. When I moved to Austin during COVID (over 1.5 years ago now) I posted a podcast interview with Dr. Brooks about how hard making girlfriends is. Moving to Austin from LA was a culture shock for me, as everyone here is crazy nice and people in LA are definitely not as inviting/ kind. I’m from the East Coast originally, so I can go both ways. Though being kind is SO important, there’s definitely an edge I notice people from the East Coast have that people in places like Texas and California don’t. There’s a natural grit and resilience that comes from growing up on the East Coast, which I attribute to the lifestyle and the weather changes. Anyone I know who grew up in sun is happy more often than people who grew up in snow, rain and cold!

Kendall and I met through our mutual friend Craig, who I met through Be Fearless Summit because his company sponsors many Be Fearless Summit’s. When Kendall and I met, we went out a few times and then she left to go back home because she hadn’t fully moved to Austin yet. At this point I was in a relationship so naturally making new friends wasn’t my biggest priority, but when she moved to Austin in August we connected again instantly and became so close. I’ve always been someone whose incredibly independent and likes being alone, so I’ve never found myself feeling suffered with a guy I’m dating because I never date anyone whose not on that same level of independence as I am. I’ve seen many girls get in committed relationships and stop hanging out with their friends or making new friends – there’s a fine line between not going out at all anymore because you’re in a relationship and staying in touch with people but spending more quality time with your significant other.

Don’t be the person who gets in a relationship and forgets who you are. That’s never healthy and when you come up for a breath of air if the relationship goes south, your girlfriends may have moved on with their lives because you dropped out of them.

Excited for you to hear this episode with Kendall and if you’re based in Austin, please reach out to me as we’re working on hosting more networking/girl groups in this remarkable city!

Discussing GrassHoppHer x Be Fearless Summit

Last week was SO fun! I caught up with Tamsen of Pix11 in NYC who interviewed me 5 years ago about being fearless, before my Disney show and Be Fearless Summit launched. I watched the old segment while preparing for this interview and wow, life has changed so much! Most recently, my co-founder Heather and I were accepted as a portfolio company into a large VC fund in Austin called Capital Factory. We had just gotten news the morning of this segment that they wanted us to be a portfolio company so I was holding my excitement back during this interview because the contract wasn’t signed yet. Today it’s official.

What does a portfolio company entail? With Capital Factory, any company they take on as a portfolio company means they truly believe in the growth and prospect of the brand. Since Heather and I are newly merging both companies, it’s unusual to get taken on this early on as a portfolio company which showed her and I that we are onto something bigger than we imagined.

What’s to come? Memberships, an upcoming summit in Connecticut, and hopefully more summits across the country as we begin to grow the brand together and take it to the next level. As discussed on the newest episode of The New Unfiltered this week, GrassHoppher (Heather’s company) will be the host of everything with Be Fearless Summit following below our new memberships and programming.  I know many of you were thrilled about the idea of an app, and we have no doubt that there will be an app live in the next months.

Right now, we are interviewing tons of young adult women between 22-34 to roll out memberships as early as August. If you’re in that demographic and have time for a short Zoom, please email me at or DM @befearlesssummit!

Meet My Fearless Co-Founder, Heather Miller

I am thrilled to announce some extremely exciting current events happening amongst the Be Fearless Summit brand. Meet my fearless co-founder and McKinsey consultant turned founder Heather Miller. She’s on The New Unfiltered today discussing why we decided to merge our brands, what her role at the biggest consulting firm out there has been and what being fearless means to her.

Follow GrassHoppher on social media at @grasshoppher and we’ll see you at CCSU for the Fall BFS!

Alexa’s Daily Hacks That Save Time & Make You Rich

Habits. Would you agree that every person can be defined by their habits? I’d say so. I follow a strict schedule for an entrepreneur, as many founders are perhaps a bit more flexible or fluid on scheduling and planning. I learned this from high school. When I transferred to online school my junior year of high school, I felt an overwhelming amount of responsibility to perform on my own. Online school is easy in certain ways because you can put your laptop down at any point and have a snack or read a book. The downside is just that: you can put your laptop down and forget to open it back up for as long as you want.

I live by my habits and routine. When I’m traveling, I attempt to maintain my daily routine as much as possible.

Simple hacks I’ve started to make traveling easier:

If I can’t meditate for 20 minutes uninterrupted first thing in the morning, I’ll set a timer for 10-15 minutes 

Recently, I’ve been dealing with severe anxiety, worse than I usually have. I found Radio Headspace on Spotify (founded by one of my favorite Radio Disney interviews, Andy Puddicombe) I play the short clips in the morning, when my anxiety is bad, or in the sauna

 Getting in a sauna. I never used to sauna as often as I do. I love it. I go to Equinox and following almost every workout I’ll set a timer for 15 minutes and listen to Headspace if I’m alone, or listen to my own thoughts. 

Everything else I do in a day to stay organized:

I spend all day in touch with my virtual assistant Esha, whom I found on Fiverr (after months of VAs that weren’t working for me) – she is a life changer. I messaged her on Fiverr asking to do a Zoom with her to see if she would be a fit for me. 

Esha sends out all of my calender invites, researches companies, gets their emails, and even finds hotels for me to pitch in cities I’m going to. She’s a lifechanger!

I use TaskRabbit to hire people to fix things in my apartment, and sometimes even clean. I hate waiting at airports for an Uber or Lyft, and I have this weird nightmare about being killed by an Uber driver, so I took it upon myself to find a driver in Austin to get me when I land. Eavian started as my cleaning guy in Austin, and now we’ve become friends and I send him my flights weeks in advance. This not only reduces time at the airport, but ensures you’re in safe hands!

If you’re ever wondering who is taking my photos when I’m traveling, it’s probably someone I’ve hired. I think people always think I’m with a guy and the answer is that would make my life a lot easier, but that’s not reality! I’ve either hired someone from TaskRabbit under the “assistant” tab to take my photos or I’m asking someone in the hotel to. I don’t hold back from asking what I want!

I pack everything I need in plastic bags (I reuse them too) and divide them up between what I’ll need in my purse and what I’ll need when I get to a hotel. My food is in one bag, my beauty items like perfume or lip gloss are zip-locked in another but readily available for when I need them.

I even put each of my chargers in plastic bags: there is nothing worse than a tangled bag of chargers! I’ve got so many more habits but I’m racking my brain trying to think of them while writing this so of course now I’m forgetting. Would you implement any of my routines into your daily schedule?

This Connecticut Designer Empowers Me

In partnership with Connecticut designer, Les Coeurs Sauvages

I grew up in a small town in Connecticut called Mansfield. Growing up in a small town is always an interesting conversation for me to have with people because there is this assumption that you have to or want to “escape” a small town. Growing up in a small town is probably the reason I’m so fearless and unfiltered. Since I didn’t grow up having access to a big city or opportunities that people who grew up in big cities have, I’ve had to pave my own way and put in a little more effort. There is no downside to remaining in a small town or leaving a small town: the decision comes down to what inspires you and what kind of life do you want to lead?

Since I started as a fashion blogger, fashion has remained an integral part of my DNA since the beginning! Most of the time you can catch me in workout clothes or a simple dress/ my Golden Goose sneakers with a cool sweater out and about or working. Back when I was working fully in fashion interning and blogging, I’d dress up every single day. Fashion is an expression of your personality! Now that I’m old and 24 (lol) I’m about comfort and practicality.

When I travel, I usually wear the same Everlane matching jumpsuit because I know I won’t lose track of it. Now that it’s hot outside and even hotter in different places I’m going to, I’m obsessed with silk dresses and slips.

You can pair them with heels or sneakers, even espadrilles as pictures below. Connecticut Les Coeurs Sauvages sent me dresses to showcase on Life Unfiltered and in my daily life, which I’ve been taking full advantage! I not only adore these dresses but everything on LCS screams fearless and unfiltered. Is it safe to assume this designer is disrupting the fashion industry in Connecticut?

I’d say so!