Episode 11: Youtuber Chelsea Crockett on Youtube’s algorithm, publishing a book before age 20, and growing up on the Internet

With over 1 million YouTube subscribers, Chelsea Crockett knows how to work the internet. Originally from Illinos, Chelsea created her channel on July 3, 2011, uploading her first video one month later. Though she initially fell in love with beauty and posting about makeup, Chelsea is considered an Internet personality now, posting videos about her boyfriend, her religion, and her personal life. She’s a major body image activist, and is as open and honest with her followers as one girl under 21 could be! A few years ago, Chelsea had a show on Seventeen Magazine’s YouTube channel (called 17 before 17) where she took on tasks to do (like surf) before she turned 17.

We’re incredibly excited to have her on This is Life Unfiltered today. Now that it’s a new year, it might feel like it’s time to clean your social media feeds and fill them with inspirational content. Why keep negativity in your life, ya know? That totally describes how we’re feeling this year!

Follow Chelsea on social media at @chelseakaycrockett & @chelseacrockett.