Episode 4: Sophie Elgort, Award Winning Photographer

This week, we talked to Sophie Elgort about photography and avoiding the overwhelming social media noise when making a career for yourself. Sophie Elgort is an award winning photographer, daughter to famous photographer Arthur Elgort, and sister to Ansel Elgort. Born and raised in NYC, Sophie attended Brown University and says college was one of the most important times of her life. In 2016, she was named Forbes 30 under 30 in the arts & style category, and she also runs a nonprofit called Through Our Lens. The nonprofit aims to provide photography skills and mentorship to teen girls in the Manhattan area. Alexa met Sophie years ago at an event in Manhattan, and was instantly captivated by her strong and independent attitude, as well as her outstanding portfolio. Years later, Alexa and Sophie reunite to talk about the entertainment industry and what people should know before pursuing a career in the most competitive industry in the world. Follow #ThisisLifeUnfiltered on social media on Instagram at @thisislifepodcast and Twitter at @tilupodcast!

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