Episode 8: Jenna Birch, author behind “The Love Gap: The Real Reason Smart Women Are Still Single” on why men are afraid to date smart women, and how to get yourself a byline in major magazines

Jenna Birch is a force to be reckoned with. Originally from Ann Arbor, Michigan, Jenna wanted to be a writer since the third grade. Since she’s pursued journalism and writing full-time, Jenna has had bylines in magazines such as Teen Vogue, Cosmo Magazine, Yahoo and more. Jenna and Alexa met at the Talkspace conference over a year ago, and they bonded over a mutual interest of social media and dating, specifically how the modern dating game poses unsuspecting dangers for young adults. Jenna’s first book, “The Love Gap” (Grand Central Life & Style, January 2018), a forthcoming dating guide for modern women trying to navigate today’s complicated romantic landscape, comes to shelves in January of 2018! We’re thrilled to see this powerful lady following her dreams from an early age and she’s got some phenomenal tips for young adults when it comes to dating and breaking into the journalism side of the industry. We’ll talk with Jenna about why so many men are afraid to date smart women, why women don’t need to be married by 30, and more!

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