Episode 6: Introducing Gabe, Online School, and What You Should Know About Alternative Schooling

On Episode 6, Alexa sits down with her new co-host and best friend, Gabe. Gabe and Alexa grew up together in Mansfield, Connecticut and have since moved to Los Angeles to pursue their careers in social media. Alexa and Gabe went to public school together starting in 5th grade, and they both transferred to online school during their sophomore and junior year of high school. In this episode, they talk about why they decided to transfer to online school, how they decided on the school they did, and what pursuing an alternative education did for each of their careers. You’ll hear them talk about the scrutiny they received from school advisors and family when they decided to leave public school, and what you should know if you’re contemplating transferring to online school. They’ll also cover friendship and ways to always keep authentic and genuine people around you! Follow Alexa on social media at @alexa_curtis, and see more on her blog at www.alifeinthefashionlane. Follow Gabe on Instagram at @gabe.cash.

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