Episode 18: Celebrity Stylist Joey Tierney On Being Britney Spears’ Lead Stylist & Growing Up In The System

Remember when your parents used to tell you to never judge a book by its cover? Well, Joey Tierney is the perfect example of that book. She walked into our impromptu West Hollywood podcast “studio” (Alexa’s bedroom) and talked for three hours. If you had told us that Joey’s childhood was anything like we came to found out it was, we would’ve probably never believed you. This is by far one of the most empowering episodes This is Life Unfiltered has ever released. Listen for yourself, but Joey Tierney is a f****** boss. After growing up in the system (yes, this blonde hair blue-eyed fashionista grew up in an orphanage) she forced the court system to let her travel to New York when she was a teenager thanks to a ticket a high school boyfriend surprised her with. After spending some time in Los Angeles, Joey got connected with someone in Britney Spear’s crew, and was offered a job styling Britney’s backup dancers on tour. She became Britney’s wing woman, and went on from Britney to style celebrities like Paris Hilton, Seth Green, Emily VanCamp and more. Just because you grew up with a traumatic childhood doesn’t mean your destiny is based on that. Now, she lives in Sherman Oaks with her equally successful husband, and her adorable son. She started RUE, a hat company that gives back to kids in orphanages, and frequently travels to the orphanage she grew up in to speak to the kids who have no hope for escaping the life they grew up with.

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