Episode 17: When Rejection Goes Too Far (The Effects of Social Media on the Young Mind)

Last week was an important week in the world of social media and mental health. We wanted to hold off on having a guest this week to cover the latest news in the world. As you know, a 19-year-old boy in Florida purchased a gun and shot 17 people in a Florida high school last week. Through Alexa’s work with her nonprofit on social media and mental health, she frequently conducts in-depth research on how social media is warping the way teens view themselves. Back in January, Alexa was invited to speak at TEDxFranklinHighSchool, so she was incredibly invested in research when the shooting occurred. On Episode 17, you’ll hear Alexa explain her opinion on guns and mental health, how we can prevent young people feeling isolated and depressed, and how her TED talk went.

If you feel yourself becoming depressed or anxious, or find yourself noticing someone around you become isolated, please check out the resources page on www.medianav.org.

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