Episode 15: Danielle Robay On Her Successful TV Career, And How She Scratched The Itch She Had To Move To LA And Leave Everything Behind

Danielle Robay is a force to be reckoned with. At the ripe age of 27, Danielle has already made her mark in the world of TV. She’s an entertainment journalist, blogger, influencer, AND TV host: there’s obviously not one career goal Danielle can’t accomplish! Starting at Entertainment Tonight and CLEVVER TV, before heading to guest host on shows like Dr. Drew and the Teen Choice Awards, Danielle moved back to Chicago to take up a gig as the host of WCIU’s The Jam. With over 160k followers on Instagram, Danielle’s feed is filled with inspiration and self-love dedicated pictures. Born and raised in Chicago, Danielle has a special place in her heart for the place she grew up in. After going back and forth between politics and entertainment television, Danielle decided to pursue entertainment TV and start her blog Pop Politics, that molds together two of her favorite topics.

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