Episode 14: Making Your Side-Hustle Full-Time, Landing Brand Deals & Getting People to Value Your Worth

Back in 2011, Life Unfiltered with Alexa was a little blog with a simple mission behind it: to inspire young adults to follow their dreams. Seven years later, Alexa has managed to make her side hustle into a full-time platform for young adults. Sponsored by brands like T-Mobile, British Airways, and Lane Bryant, Life Unfiltered with Alexa is the go-to site for everything relating to body image and teens. Every company starts with a concept and a dream for what that idea will hopefully turn into one day. On Episode 14, you’ll hear Alexa discuss how she knew she was different, what set Life Unfiltered with Alexa apart from other blogs, and how you too can follow your dreams and get paid to do what you love too!

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