Episode 12: Alexa on her anxiety, how to battle your own mental health struggles, and why parents need to talk to their kids about their bodies as they grow up

We’ve all dealt with some form of anxiety or depression. In recent light of Logan Paul’s terrible video in the Japanese suicide forest, Alexa sits down to talk about her personal struggles with anxiety and depression. This episode covers how to manage your anxiety, tips on dealing with depression, and how you can proceed with reaching out for help from a specialist. With this episode, we are hoping to bring more awareness to all mental health issues, and most importantly, show you that you can recover from what you are going through. Each day you may battle something new, but that is never a reason to give up on yourself or your friends. You deserve to be happy- never forget that.

For more mental health resources, please see www.medianav.org. Follow Alexa and This is Life Unfiltered on social media at @alexa_curtis and @thisislifepodcast.

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