Episode 7: Mamé Adjei A Top Model (Runner-Up)

Back in 2015, Cycle 22 of America’s Next Top Model premiered on The CW on August 5th. If you’ve never watched America’s Next Top Model – Tyra Banks rose to fame when she started a show that enabled young models to have the chance to get industry connections and modeling contracts without having to be “scouted.” Along came Mamé Adjei, a confident and striking model who ruled the show for the season and finished in second place. What stood out to us about Mamé, during our interview, was that she wasn’t just a pretty face. Adjei won the Miss Maryland crown before competing on the show, and went on to compete in Miss USA. Though she didn’t leave the show with the “ultimate” title, she’s been able to grow her platform so drastically that she’s now more than just a model. Her social media is filled with love and passion, which stems from her authentic and kind personality. She’s a prime example of how you don’t have to come from anything to become something, and everyone can benefit from advice. Follow her on social media at @MameAdjei and follow This is Life Unfiltered at @thisislifepodcast.

Episode 6: Introducing Gabe, Online School, and What You Should Know About Alternative Schooling

On Episode 6, Alexa sits down with her new co-host and best friend, Gabe. Gabe and Alexa grew up together in Mansfield, Connecticut and have since moved to Los Angeles to pursue their careers in social media. Alexa and Gabe went to public school together starting in 5th grade, and they both transferred to online school during their sophomore and junior year of high school. In this episode, they talk about why they decided to transfer to online school, how they decided on the school they did, and what pursuing an alternative education did for each of their careers. You’ll hear them talk about the scrutiny they received from school advisors and family when they decided to leave public school, and what you should know if you’re contemplating transferring to online school. They’ll also cover friendship and ways to always keep authentic and genuine people around you! Follow Alexa on social media at @alexa_curtis, and see more on her blog at www.alifeinthefashionlane. Follow Gabe on Instagram at @gabe.cash.

Episode 5: Kimberly J. Brown on Tips for Making it in the Entertainment World & on Being Famous

You may know Kimberly J. Brown from the hit movie series Halloweentown that first premiered in 1998. Since the premiere, Kimberly has appeared in three Halloweentown movies, and has starred in tons of other hit shows along the way. She’s 32, and has been in the industry since she was 6 years old, performing, acting, and producing. Over the past ten years, she has proven that hollywood stars can stay grounded and focused on their work. Kimberly won an Independent Spirit Award for her performance in an indie film, which she says was totally unlike working on a high budget TV show like Law & Order: SVU. When she’s not acting and attending casting calls, you can find her mentoring other actors, working on her YouTube channel, and writing children’s’ books. We had the chance to meet with her at our new studio in Culver City, CA and ask her everything about the entertainment industry and what people should know before they move to Hollywood to become a star. Oh, and we might’ve touched on those overnight sensations. Follow Kimberly at @officialkjb on Instagram, Twitter and YouTube! Don’t forget to rate + review- let us know what you like and dislike on “This is Life Unfiltered” so far!

Episode 4: Sophie Elgort, Award Winning Photographer

This week, we talked to Sophie Elgort about photography and avoiding the overwhelming social media noise when making a career for yourself. Sophie Elgort is an award winning photographer, daughter to famous photographer Arthur Elgort, and sister to Ansel Elgort. Born and raised in NYC, Sophie attended Brown University and says college was one of the most important times of her life. In 2016, she was named Forbes 30 under 30 in the arts & style category, and she also runs a nonprofit called Through Our Lens. The nonprofit aims to provide photography skills and mentorship to teen girls in the Manhattan area. Alexa met Sophie years ago at an event in Manhattan, and was instantly captivated by her strong and independent attitude, as well as her outstanding portfolio. Years later, Alexa and Sophie reunite to talk about the entertainment industry and what people should know before pursuing a career in the most competitive industry in the world. Follow #ThisisLifeUnfiltered on social media on Instagram at @thisislifepodcast and Twitter at @tilupodcast!

Episode 3: 20 Things We Learned Before 20

As you get older, you get wiser. That’s one thing both of our moms have taught us: whether it’s about work or play, there are some things we wish we hadn’t spent so much time focusing on. Since we’ve both just hit the big 2-0, there are over 20 tips we have for growing up, following your dreams, and avoiding the urge to sweat the small stuff. Our top tips? Don’t be afraid of the word no, and definitely, don’t let those two tiny letters deter you from following those damn dreams of yours. Let your family guide you, but don’t let them get in the way of your career and your drive. Oh, and don’t overthink the cupcake you want. If you want it, you deserve it. At the end of the day, will that piece of pizza or that cupcake really matter in a few days from now? Follow This is Life Unfiltered on Twitter at @tilupodcast and on Instagram at @thisislifepodcast. For more on Alexa, visit her blog at www.alifeinthefashionlane.com.